If you know me,
you know I love food.

I love all kinds of food, I don't discriminate and will give anything a chance.  Although, I will admit to mostly loving super down-homestyle dishes.  I love rich flavors and slightly heavy meals, I should weigh 100 pounds more than I do.  My friends always tease me and say I could put gravy or alfredo sauce on anything and I'm known for sending all my friends into food comas.  

Although, this season brings about one great homestyle favorite in particular: the pureéd soup.  I could eat soup and bread for dinner every winter night. With that being said, I made an attempt at cooking one of my favorites. To my surprise, making butternut squash, apple and onion soup was so much easier than I imagined.  

So I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I did and check out my pureéd Potato Leek Soup too (here). 

| what you will need to make the soup :

: ( two ) peeled and chopped butternut squash

: ( four ) peeled and chopped granny smith (or I like gala) apples

: ( one ) chopped white onion

: smart balance butter substitute

: ( two ) containers of organic chicken broth 

: a dash or two of yellow curry

: a touch of ground corriander

: a dash of ground cumin

: a tsp of ground ginger

: ( one ) cup of cream

: ( one ) sliced jalapeño 

: ( spoonful ) of crema 

: fresh lemons

| FIRST chop onion and squash (you can buy it pre-peeled and cleaned) 

| PUT the squash and onion in a large pot and let it start to cook down with 2 spoonfuls of butter.

| PEEL and cut the apples, then place aside to give the squash and onion a head start.
Also place some apple aside finely diced with drizzled with fresh squeezed lemon (for garnish).

| CONTINUE cooking down the squash and onion over a medium heat. 

| THEN add enough broth to cover the potatoes and apples. Continue to cook down on a medium heat. 

| what you will need to make the chicken :

: almonds

: candied pecans

: light brown sugar

: garlic and onion powder 

: salt

: pepper 

: beaten eggs 

| PROCESS all the dry ingredients into a fine powder - I use a mini chopper used for coffee beans.

| DIP chicken into egg and then the "breadcrumb" mixture

| HEAT the oil in a pan and then add the chicken, don't flip until the first side gets nice and golden. 

| KEEP occasionally stirring the squash and apples.  Let them continue to cook if they look like this.  

| TURN off the heat when they look like this.

| SCOOP out all the cooked down ingredients and put into a high power blender. 

| PULL the almond fried chicken out of the pan and place onto paper towels.

|  PUREÉ the squash, apples and onions until, while adding broth to make it light and smooth.
Here is where I like to add the cream in, but this is totally optional.

| PUT it back into the pot on a low simmer until perfect. 

| SLICE the chicken and the jalapeños thinly, remove the seeds if you want a little less spice.

| what you will need for the salad :

: fresh pumpernickel bread

: mixed greens

: grape tomatoes

: pomegranate

: feta

: olive oil

: apple vinaigrette reduction

| TOSS greens, half the tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic.  
Then top with tomatoes, pomegranates, and feta. 

| THEN plate the salad with the chicken overtop and a apple vinaigrette drizzle.
And the soup garnished with a touch of crema, the diced apple and two slices of jalapeños. 
Add the optional buttered and toasted pumpernickel slices.

{ Spike loves Squash too! }


  1. I love food too and i can almost say the same about giving anything a try but some things are just so wrong to even look at on the plate. Anyway you did a fine job with this lovely dish. Thanks for sharing!


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  3. yum!!
    can't wait to try this for my self - love pumpkin!


  4. This is so yummy Cassandra!!!
    Great recipe!

  5. oh wow this looks really great!!! pecan crusted chicken looks really interesting! thanks for sharing!


  6. the soup looks yummy, perfect for winters
    Keep in touch

  7. Ok, so I'm not a big squash fan but I'm definitely going to have to try this. It looks so good and the jalapenos will be an awesome extra to spice it up, I'm a big fan of spicy foods!


    1. I love spicy food as well and it completes the squash perfectly!

  8. i'm starving!!!!!!!!!!!!! And looking at your post I'm going to eat my laptop. Looks delicious


  9. This looks so perfect I am hungry now! My mum makes homemade soup and I love it cool blog :)
    Please go check out my blog and follow if you like it xx

  10. Delicious! Great post dear...lovely pics..:-)



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