DAILY OUTFIT | slinky day dress

It's time to say goodbye to my weft wedges,
and hello peep toe booties. 

Finally packing in the last of summer, literally.  I've posted the last of my summer looks and I've begun to pack away my summer wardrobe.  So and now I need to retire my favorite MK clutch, which I am guilty of using way too much this past season- then pack away all my weft wedges, and my white skirts and dresses. Its over, for now.

After I pack away the last of my summer pieces, I'm on the hunt.  I need an essential, new pair of black booties.  So I've gone on the hunt for the perfect peep toe black wedge booties.  Wish me luck. 

Seriously how cute will this dress be with wedge booties!

ART | the artist's critique

My man, Jack -
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

As an artist, almost everything is never finished.  There is always something else to be tweaked, or to make better, and even sometimes do a completely different way.  Most days, you want to do better.  Though, every so often a creation comes along that makes you say: whoa -whoa. I don't hate it.  Now, of course it is never perfect. But from time and again you will be able to admit, thats pretty damn awesome. This is that piece for me. 

To date this is probably one of my favorite drawings yet.  I love the older faces of hollywood.  I also felt I primarily draw overly pretty people, so I wanted a face that had texture and unique character. Yet, I still managed to make him overly pretty. I chose a very young Jack Nicholson from an iconic still from the movie One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. 

DAILY OUTFIT | a leather skort with attitude

It's all about your attitude.

Now, this goes both ways.  Swaggering across the street with the wind in your hair, sashay in your hips and attitude on your pout,  is not only on a slow-mo entrance scene in a movie, but it can be in your reality, it's a mind set. It is more than mere confidence, but it is a general vibe of positivity. When you're feeling good, you exude this.  Boom, insta-sashay.  

Then all of a sudden, like this new found magnetic draw it seems -things are actually all working out. The more you not only walk with this confident attitude, but you believe it.  You have to always buy what you're selling.  So, I'm staying positive because a whole new part of my life is beginning.  As a newly engaged woman, going on her first pre-portfolio review at FIT in two week, who is moving into the city in about four months -I have a lot to be positive.  I'm keeping up that good kind of attitude.  

Hey, some days you've gotta fake it till you make it. 

LIFESTYLE | a 3-day fairytale romantic getaway

All you need is love,

A day that I will always remember with a smile, a story that will always be retold, the start down a whole new path.  SO, a month ago today I got engaged.  It was perfectly us and traditionally beautiful. We headed up to the Garrison/Cold Spring area along the Hudson in Upstate New York like we do every year for our anniversary weekend for the annual Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.  It has become a special place for us, it is the place that flourished our relationship and then became a tradition.  
Last year I told you all how it all started while sharing our intimate story and showed you our romantic getaway here, the year before I simply showed you our trip here, and now I will show you this year's adventures and when I finally said yes, after a plethora of "Oh My God"s.

Its so crazy because he had me fooled, oh so good.  I knew it was coming -this was our sixth summer spent basking in the sunshine and snuggled tight on breezy summer nights.  I was the anti-marriage girl, "all we need is love", I would say.  Though Aaron always says he always knew he would marry me, I merely always knew we'd be together forever.  He managed to convince me he couldn't find a diamond, but that he was planning for the fall. 

Then when I decided to take some photos of the Hudson he asked a lovely couple to video me and then proceeded to get down on one knee.  He then sat patiently with the box open as I walked back up nonchalantly taking in my surroundings, completely oblivious to what was in front of me.  I plopped right down on the picnic blanket and then I looked up. "Oh My God." It seemed to be all I could utter when, for once in my life: I was speechless.  Like anyone ever had any doubt, I said yes.  So here I hope you enjoy a look into our special weekend and my engagement video is posted below!         

NOMS | the last brunch @ the Riverhead Project

Good Bye -
to one of my Favorite Brunch Spots.

The Riverhead Project was a surprising find for any foodie who found themselves on Main Street in Riverhead on Long Island. A modern vibe with a 1960's essence, it was upscale, trendy and unique.  They had great seasonal specials, amazing desserts and the absolute best cocktails!

Dennis McDermott the owner of the trendy restaurant that pioneered the revitalization of this main street officially announced that it's doors would be closed forever a few days ago.  To read the full scoop on the story, check here.  

I'm sad to see the spot go, but this just means there will be a new proprietor and a new spot to try out soon enough.  So lets take a moment to reflect on how good the food was.  And that HA HA FRESH was pretty much one of my favorite brunch cocktails.       

Food & Fashion | Great Minds Think Alike

That moment your best friend is wearing the same thing as you,
is just a day that ends in 'y'.

This seems to always happen to us, we get ready to go somewhere and then we realize we are wearing the same exact colors. We've grown to just roll with it.  Its ridiculous and people probably think we are nuts, but we don't care. We are just always that spot on and we always photograph so well together.

On this particular evening we were heading out for a some cocktails and appetizers at Cowfish in Hampton Bays.  It has a nice view and is great for a little casual week night.  I ate and drank the same staples I always get : A homewrecker on the rocks, a maui-wowi roll, the cowboy roll and their amazing stuffed mushrooms.   

Just a little something for the summer, still not breaking out the boots.  I love you fall fashion, but I'm not ready yet. That is all.

LIFESTYLE | sun is shining, weather is sweet

Summer in September,
just in denial. 

So its September, but I'm still sort of in the summer daze.  I'm also still catching up the blog on my festivities from the past few months.  We're almost there, rehashing all my summer fun, though I've yet to announce the most significant surprise of my summer and my life.  The best man I've ever known asked me to marry him. It's exhilarating, amazing, terrifying, exciting, and beautiful all at the same time - it was so big, It almost wasn't real yet.  

So here is something from a week and a half ago when frolicked in the the sunflowers and drank a bottle of blanc de blanc, nothing like a little bubbly to celebrate! At the end of the month I will be posting our 3 day getaway-we got engagement post with a my video!  I'm excited to share it all with you guys!

DAILY OUTFIT | dressed-up lounge pants

Playing Catch-Up, 
I have so much to show you!

Hello My Lovies, it's been a long summer -though it feels as though it was just winter.  Needless to say as time continues to accelerate in pace, we all keep accumulating more things to eat away the time. So between three jobs, summer session and now fall session, this blog, trying to maintain a social life, and entrance into a whole new tier in my relationship with Aaron.  All I can say is: stay tuned for our latest adventure, I have so much to share with you all from my summer.   
Nobody ever said it was easy, because it isn't.  Living and breathing a fulfilling and beautiful life is full of challenges.   That's why only a small pool of people actually get there, most find it easier to settle, or find a grand enough distraction along the way. Few actually hold the momentum they let out of the gate with.  For me I feel I've kept a slow a steady pace since the start and I'm picking it up a bit now.  This summer was filled to the brim and fall into winter doesn't seem to be changing pace.  

So lets talk about the lounge pant, they are fantastic.  Although that relies on one key factor, they have to fit.  The pants need to be loose and slouchy in certain areas, yet fitted and tight along the hip.  I like to mix and match dressy-casual with lounge pants and they look great with a wedge. This look was for spring/summer  dinner, but for fall I want to try to blend some darker shades with structured wedges.    

LIFESTYLE | southfork princess for a day

A day with my loves, feeding small woodland creatures, eating lobster -
Just One Lovely Sunday.

There is really no other way to say it than, life has been beautiful.  Some days I really do feel like Snow White waking up to little blue birds that pull back the covers, others are  back to the real reality.  I prefer the former, lets go with that.  Its best to illuminate these days, take it all in, and enjoy it.  

One Sunday, Aaron, Erin - her boyfriend Eima and I had the perfect Sunday. We got gourmet sandwiches fresh from Jimmy Jim's organic Deli in Sag Harbor and headed to the Elizabeth Morton National Wildlife Refuge to enjoy our lunch.    

We fed the birds and I became friends with the chipmunks.  Its an east end Long Island thing that everyone needs to do at least once.  It is magical enough to make even the manliest man feel like a disney-freakin-princess. 

From there we walked the main street of Sag Harbor and simply just to walk.  Checked out the art, took some goofy photos and then headed to dinner. Seriously, one of the best lobster dinners I have ever eaten.  

The Bell and Anchor had a special with a broiled lobster that had been pulled completely from the body, tossed with a shallot, wine, butter, cream and gruyere cheese sauce that had been lightly baked and then served with baby potatoes and fresh haricot vert after a course of oysters, ribs, salmon and tuna tartar, martinis, and champagne. 

Literally, the perfect sunday.    

DAILY OUTFIT | neon sunshine

Bright Chevron and Denim -
Last Warm Summer Day.

Yeah, I know.  It's September, but I don't care.  The air is still warm and the sun is still strong. On that note I still plan to wear neon, sandals and sun-kissed skin.  I don't really care about "the rules", just what works. 

So here's to the amazing summer that I've had and to wearing sundresses like this.  It is time to start transitioning that closet.  I like to pull some items a few weeks after summer had ended and then again once winter has begun to blow in and put them away until next season.  

ART | art hampton in southampton

Amazing Art, 
From Galleries all Around the World

Now there are only a few things I love as much as fashion, fine food, craft beverages, and vintage —but then there's art, yes, art most definitely takes the cake. Art is all of those things in every way possible, it is really less about the medium used and more about one's perception. An artist is merely a soul that can look at a blank canvas or an array of chaos and be able to not only visualize the beauty of the finished product, but make it happen. I believe I am an artist, simply a maker of beautiful things and I truly enjoy the perceptions of others.  Check out some of the most incredible new art.

Every year I try to make it to Art Hampton and this year I finally made it. I was honestly quite captivated by collections that were carefully curated for this event right here in Southampton, New York. 

LIFESTYLE | 2014 Grown-Up Prom

Big Kid Prom Photos
A Reason to get dressed up and be permitted to drink on the premise. 

I actually never attended my junior or senior proms. I did, however, attend a prom from my school with all my best friends. It just wasn't my prom, not theirs either. That was my only prom and though I'm happy I did get to attend one, it still wasn't my own prom.  I guess at 16 I really did know nothing. Should have gone to my own senior prom.

When a friend decided to throw a Prom Party at her beautiful home, how could we not be thrilled to rise to the occasion! So Aaron and I coordinated out formal attire and then we all took Prom photos, of course. 

FASHION | preview of the Vince. Spring 2015 line

Urban Safari Motif

So excited, I got to preview the Spring line for 2015! With Fashion week in NYC kicking off tomorrow, I thought this would be a great time to post a preview of Spring with the rest of the fashion world.  Typically, Vince is known for classic shapes with edgy details - this line stayed true.  I have always loved their play of fab casual classic pieces that know how to keep it fresh.  A variety of classic chunky knits, chic lines, simple slacks and then a pop of statement with their amazing blazers, and structured coats and the fantastic SHOES!  

Their shoe line was amazing.  I loved so many of them.  They kept true to their usual mantra, staying clean and not over embellished, but polished, chic, and with great color and detail to keep it fresh. I'm such a sucker for peep-toe booties and great transitional footwear and, well, ladies - we have a winner. 

The upcoming Vince line is not to be missed. Vince is staying true to fun, clean lined basics with nautical stripes, bold patterns and the perfect balance of looking fashionable, while staying comfortable.