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Now there are only a few things I love as much as fashion, fine food, craft beverages, and vintage —but then there's art, yes, art most definitely takes the cake. Art is all of those things in every way possible, it is really less about the medium used and more about one's perception. An artist is merely a soul that can look at a blank canvas or an array of chaos and be able to not only visualize the beauty of the finished product, but make it happen. I believe I am an artist, simply a maker of beautiful things and I truly enjoy the perceptions of others.  Check out some of the most incredible new art.

Every year I try to make it to Art Hampton and this year I finally made it. I was honestly quite captivated by collections that were carefully curated for this event right here in Southampton, New York. 

(above)  MR. BRAINWASH | juxtapose 


RUSSELL YOUNG | morrison

ZHUANG HONG YI | untitled # 15

BANKSY | better in than out

LLUÍS BARBRA | the hay wain

STEFANO BOMBADIERI | pneu/vanitéwhite

PEREZ FLORES | prochromatique N°1050

DEBORAH AZZOPARDI | the unexpected call 

HONG WAI | ink on xuan paper

MR. BRAINWASH | banksy thrower 

MR. BRAINWASH | broadway

BANKSY | chocolat donut

BANKSY | punk and thug

JON DAVIS | lush life

BEN FREEMAN | irresistible lure

BANKSY | soldiers painting peace 

TIM BESSELL | andy warhol

DANIEL KORNRUMPF | focal length 

CERAVOLO | the maid

CANDICE CMC | marilyn donuts

KANG, SUNG-UCK | cat star eagle 

ZAC FREEMAN | jaison


LUIS CUISINIER | souvenirs elegoines

LISA ALONZO | the gun in the roses ak47

MR BRAINWASH | frank sinatra

MR BRAINWASH | basquiat

MR BRAINWASH | heart is the answer

| what i'm wearing :

H&M | lace tank top

ZARA | pearl choker collar

H&M | silk maxi skirt with pockets


C WONDER | snake bracelet

MICHAEL KORS | studded wedges

B&L RAY BAN | 60s vintage sunglasses


JOHN LENNON | let's have a dream

KELLY REEMTSEN | power source

HAYAT | 23 parfums de revolte

WILLIAM SWEETLOVE | cloned bulldog

|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :


  1. such beautiful artwork
    keep in touch

  2. Beautiful artwork, this is right up my alley!

  3. Estou adorando aquela máscara! ;D

    Lindas artes. Adorei as fotos, Cassandra!

    Ótima sexta!

    Beijo! ^^

  4. What a cool art gallery!! Soo many different types of art but all equally interesting! (PS cute outfit!)

    Cassandra Monroe | a lifestyle blog


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