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Hello My Lovies, it's been a long summer -though it feels as though it was just winter.  Needless to say as time continues to accelerate in pace, we all keep accumulating more things to eat away the time. So between three jobs, summer session and now fall session, this blog, trying to maintain a social life, and entrance into a whole new tier in my relationship with Aaron.  All I can say is: stay tuned for our latest adventure, I have so much to share with you all from my summer.   
Nobody ever said it was easy, because it isn't.  Living and breathing a fulfilling and beautiful life is full of challenges.   That's why only a small pool of people actually get there, most find it easier to settle, or find a grand enough distraction along the way. Few actually hold the momentum they let out of the gate with.  For me I feel I've kept a slow a steady pace since the start and I'm picking it up a bit now.  This summer was filled to the brim and fall into winter doesn't seem to be changing pace.  

So lets talk about the lounge pant, they are fantastic.  Although that relies on one key factor, they have to fit.  The pants need to be loose and slouchy in certain areas, yet fitted and tight along the hip.  I like to mix and match dressy-casual with lounge pants and they look great with a wedge. This look was for spring/summer  dinner, but for fall I want to try to blend some darker shades with structured wedges.    

| what i'm wearing :

C WONDER | druzy necklace

MICHAEL KORS | chronograph watch

DELIA'S | fringe crop top

MOSSIMO | lounge pants

MICHAEL KORS | alexi wedges

B&L RAY BAN | 60's vintage sunglasses

MICHAEL KORS | large bedford satchel

|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :

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