LIFESTYLE | a 3-day fairytale romantic getaway

All you need is love,

A day that I will always remember with a smile, a story that will always be retold, the start down a whole new path.  SO, a month ago today I got engaged.  It was perfectly us and traditionally beautiful. We headed up to the Garrison/Cold Spring area along the Hudson in Upstate New York like we do every year for our anniversary weekend for the annual Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.  It has become a special place for us, it is the place that flourished our relationship and then became a tradition.  
Last year I told you all how it all started while sharing our intimate story and showed you our romantic getaway here, the year before I simply showed you our trip here, and now I will show you this year's adventures and when I finally said yes, after a plethora of "Oh My God"s.

Its so crazy because he had me fooled, oh so good.  I knew it was coming -this was our sixth summer spent basking in the sunshine and snuggled tight on breezy summer nights.  I was the anti-marriage girl, "all we need is love", I would say.  Though Aaron always says he always knew he would marry me, I merely always knew we'd be together forever.  He managed to convince me he couldn't find a diamond, but that he was planning for the fall. 

Then when I decided to take some photos of the Hudson he asked a lovely couple to video me and then proceeded to get down on one knee.  He then sat patiently with the box open as I walked back up nonchalantly taking in my surroundings, completely oblivious to what was in front of me.  I plopped right down on the picnic blanket and then I looked up. "Oh My God." It seemed to be all I could utter when, for once in my life: I was speechless.  Like anyone ever had any doubt, I said yes.  So here I hope you enjoy a look into our special weekend and my engagement video is posted below!         


the surprise of forever.

| i'm wearing : 

H&M | striped crop top

PRADA | baroque sunglasses

CHARLOTTE RUSSE | sheer maxi skirt

PRABAL GURUNG for target | red sandals


TARGET | skull rings

SAKS FIFTH | spiked bracelet

C WONDER | arrow bracelet


C WONDER | lighting ring

the last photo I took before I had a fiance

That Moment : 

when you don't see a huge diamond in front of you. 


it still isn't real.

| i'm wearing : 

MOSSIMO | crochet knit sweater


RAY BAN | 60s vintage sunglasses

TARGET | necklace

MICHAEL KORS | gold chronograph watch

STUART WEITZMAN | alex wedges

C WONDER | arrow bracelet


5 years later, we made it forever.

La Brasserie Le Bouchon 

Cold Springs, NY

| i'm wearing :

HOT TOPIC | marilyn/misfits muscle tank

FRANCESCAS | crochet lace skirt

TARGET | silver pearl necklace

RAY BAN | cateye glasses

MICHAEL KORS | silver chronograph watch

F21 |  studded clutch 

STUART WEITZMAN | gladio sandals

|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :

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