DAILY OUTFIT | a leather skort with attitude

It's all about your attitude.

Now, this goes both ways.  Swaggering across the street with the wind in your hair, sashay in your hips and attitude on your pout,  is not only on a slow-mo entrance scene in a movie, but it can be in your reality, it's a mind set. It is more than mere confidence, but it is a general vibe of positivity. When you're feeling good, you exude this.  Boom, insta-sashay.  

Then all of a sudden, like this new found magnetic draw it seems -things are actually all working out. The more you not only walk with this confident attitude, but you believe it.  You have to always buy what you're selling.  So, I'm staying positive because a whole new part of my life is beginning.  As a newly engaged woman, going on her first pre-portfolio review at FIT in two week, who is moving into the city in about four months -I have a lot to be positive.  I'm keeping up that good kind of attitude.  

Hey, some days you've gotta fake it till you make it. 

| i'm wearing :

MERONA | knit top

ZARA | leather skort

'stuart weitzman inspired' MOSSIMO | 'alex' wedges

TARGET | cross chain heart necklace

PRADA | sunglasses (exact)

TARGET | bracelet

|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :

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