recap | February OOTD

Looks of the Month

I feel like I am still trying to get my blogging footing.  I began dabbling at the end of 2012, but officially began blogging in 2013.  I released I Can't Afford My Lifestyle in March 2013, this coming month marks my official first year of blogging. 

That being said I'm still working out my posting format and variations.  So I'm trying out doing occasional monthly fashion recaps.  I may alternate doing this and my 5 Things posts at the end of each month, which are always a great way to reflect as well as share a little piece of my life with all of you.  

art | Some of my Early Works

It's important to look at where you've been to see where you are.
Drawings Circa 2002-2008

So for some time now I have been promising myself I would draw more regularly and begin dabbling in painting.  I finally have.  In this same thought, I have been promising a few of my readers I would post my art, so here we are.  

As most things should be done, I figured it was only appropriate I start from the beginning. Of course I have older drawings than these, but they are all in storage and those might be too old for viewing. Haha!  So here are the pieces from when I was a teenager and some from when I was not even 21 yet.
I hope you will stay tuned for many more to come  -I will try to post one drawing at a time after this about once a month.     


Bacon, Egg, Two Cheese, Tomato, Spinach, Balsamic Portobellos over Squash Browns
Eating No Carb Can Still Be Delish.

So what exactly is a squash brown you say?  My delicious answer to no longer being able to eat my specialty brunch sandwich that has all of these components. In short, it is a spaghetti-squash version of a hash brown sort of potato pancake.

On the days I can, I would make this delicious sandwich on an english muffin toasted with garlic and olive oil and enjoy it as I caught up on blogging and my studies in a quiet house. Yes, it is as lovely as it sounds.  I work different hours than my housemates, so I can enjoy the leisurely moment in a little solace during certain days. Which is necessary here and there.

Although, this was all ripped away when I started cutting back my carbs.  NO SPECIALTY EGG SANDWICH ON THE TOASTED GARLIC, OLIVE OIL ENGLISH MUFFEN? I just could not have this.  So I conjured up this little doozy and it certainly does the trick!  I'm kind of obsessed with it.

daily outfit | Snow Pixie

Ivory and Ice
Mixing Shapes and Playing with Seasonal Items.
{ the LOOK: Flowy-Ultra Fem Top with Pinstripe Pants and a Boyfriend Cardi }

This winter has been rough. Too much snow, too much school work, and wishing I was making too much money.  I'm used to working two to three different jobs to be able to survive on Long Island, New York and all that fun stuff, but all of my jobs have cut back A LOT for this season. So between being snowed in, one of the worst Hamptons' winters, and a teacher who decided she needed to condense her class and it is ending two months early -its been a little stressful. Needless to say, I'm waiting for this winter to pass! 

Although it has been a cold two months, I'm not letting that freeze my strive. Through it all I always have a bright outlook, because I know I'm doing exactly what I should be. My dad had always said I was his little pixie with big dreams, I was always such a peanut with the biggest and sometimes crazy aspirations. I am always a lady of my word, and my aspirations will become my actions.

So as the weather is warming up, so will I.  I'm ready to starting blazing through accomplishments. Starting next week I'm going to post a little diary of my art, starting with some older pieces.  Which in turn will push me to continue to create regularly.  I am also adding contributors and will have some great new additions to this blog! I will be closer to finishing school and with my birthday very soon, just facing that I will be a year better, not a year older. 

diy | Homemade Organic Lip Balm

Ditch the Store Bought Lip Care & Go Natural!
Be kind to you lips.

Our eyes and lips are our most precious features on our faces.  We should treat them with the utmost care.  So why do we buy products that have sulfates, parabens and a billion other chemicals that dry them out and damage them? Simply because its much easier to go buy a product from some big box store. Life is too short to go the easy way, we only have enough time to do it the right way. Right?

So in that case, ditch the commercial lip balm and chap stick you are using and put a little goodness on instead.  The ingredients are simple and they all serve a purpose: Beeswax, Coconut oil, Vitamin E Capsules, and lastly some essential oil, purely for scent, if you like. 

Beeswax is important because it not only protects your lips from the elements, but it moisturizes and is the main component in the adequate texture for your lip balm so it isn't all runny. 

Coconut Oil is important because it will not suffocate the delicate skin on your lips the way most petroleum based products do and it moisturizes deep down.  The fatty acids hold onto moisture and reinforces the skin's lipid layer, which promotes general hydration. 

Honey is a great addition because it is a natural humectant, meaning it attracts and holds onto water molecules. 

Vitamin E is essential because it is loaded up with antioxidants.  This lovely little vitamin can completely neutralize the effect of free radicals that damage healthy skin cells and lead to dryness.

the Look | Big Girl TIMz

Timberland's got nothing on Target.

{ the LOOK: } Mixing Patterns and Teal.  Stripes, Leopard and Teal with dark denim 
and throwback style wedge boots.

Whether its a throwback or its vintage, I love mixing the old with the new.  Style never fades, it is eternal. Therefore things that were, Oh so loved can still be fab with a little renewal.  I will admit to a phase of Roca-Wear Jackets, Timberlands, Uptowns, and Avirex -boy did I think I was fly! Remember these bad boys, over here     - - - - - - >>

Yeah, I may have had them in all different colors and be the first girl in school to rock baby blue ones with white soles.  Yes, that happened.  To my surprise these are back with a vengeance! Instead of being worn with overalls like the early 90's, or tan faded denim like the late 90's, now they are being worn with skinny denim and scarves.  Though I will admit, despite my 'Timz' loving past I will not be practicing this trend. I will however be about this chic wedge bootie that give the same casual boot look, but a little more elegant, feminine and classy! The perfect refresh for a throwback favorite.

Queen of Hearts

three / of / three  in my LOOKS TO LOVE Trio.
 { the LOOK: Old Hollywood- darling }

There is always such a wow factor to any well fitted red dress. It will certainly make an entrance and you will not soon be forgotten. And of course the over the knee stiletto boot, surely one high-fashion item both women and men a like can agree upon.

Ok, so lets face it.  You've already stolen his heart, so now take away his breath in well-fitted red dress.  I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day,  but simply remember that you don't need "valentine" because of a stupid holiday, you only need to have love in your life.  So enjoy the life with those you love and make them feel special, err-day year round. Not just today. 

Warm Your Frozen Heart

two / of / three  in my LOOKS TO LOVE Trio

{the LOOK: school girl inspired- skater skirt. 
Mixing houndstooth and stripes }

I felt like I was on the freekin' titanic! But I would have never let go and everyone knows that Jack and Rose probably would have both fit on the door, or at least taken turns.  Its a classic I suppose, but definitely not my favorite romantic movie.  It would be hard to pick, either something classic like Casablanca or something more modern like the Notebook.  Love them both, but Humphrey Bogart and his, "Here's Lookin' at you, kid" will always be something else.  Ok, Casablanca wins by a long shot, really what could compare?

daily look | Love is the Movement.

one / of / three  in my LOOKS TO LOVE Trio

{ the LOOK: a pop of red with leopard and 
a tee -dressy-casual for a fun dinner and drinks look.}

Love may be in the air, but I wish it brought spring to the air with it! Now this is most certainly not a look for the snow, but how awesome are the sky's colors with the snow. I just couldn't help myself.  A super comfy but chic look, that's kind of my thing.  I love the idea of wearing a t-shirt with, as my boyfriend calls it, "the fancy old lady hat".  It fun and a bit glam.  

Now yes I am a female and of course I like flowers, lilies- actually. But I am not the biggest Valentine's day advocate.  I prefer to live with special moments and the giving and receiving of thoughtful little gifts or dinners that are more useful throughout the year rather than crammed into one silly day. I feel most girls do not actually wants that life-size teddy bear or singing gorilla, they just want to know that they are important.  This valentines day, I will be working.  WAH -wah!  But we're used to doing "V-day" dinner on our own day anyway, I'm almost always workingggg.  We make up our own rules!  

Anyway this look is first of a Three-Day Red-Themed OOTD Diary titled "Looks to Love".  This is the 'Dressy-Casual', tomorrow there will be the 'Casual-Cute' and Friday will be an old glamour 'Formal' styling.    

Food & Fashion | 6 Courses of Delicious & Comfortable Pants

Long Ireland Beer Company's Beer Pairing Dinner 
at Plattduetsche Park.
6-Courses and 6-Beers

The only thing better than an amazing 6-course meal is when each course is paired with delicious beer. Long Ireland always hosts a great event and this was once again the case.  The Plattduetsche Restaurant and Catering Hall is home of the specialty Kolsch that Long Ireland brewed exclusively for them. Along with being a fantastic authentic German restaurant it has a beer garden and a ton of history.   

We ate too much, drank too much and laughed too much. From delicious beer to Barenjager honey liqueur shots it was quite a night of fabulous indulgence.  With four different hand passed  h'orderves courses, appetizer, soup, salad, main course, and dessert -oh my! I highly suggest anyone to check out the Plattduetsche Park or any Long Ireland Beer Company Tasting dinner.  

daily look | Simple & Chic

A Good Classic never fades.
OOTD: family dinner outfit

{ the LOOK: ruffled blouse, tailored fit cardi, baroque skinny pants, 
throwback style booties & a statement necklace. } 

Baroque pattern to me will always have an elegant look to it, if done right it can be the most elegant statement pattern there is. This was a comfy look I threw together for dinner with my boyfriend's parents.  I wanted to keep it casual and elegant.

I have to talk about these booties!  I love them, I also have them in black.  I feel like they are a grown-up ladies timberland boot.  But cuter.  Even better than that, they are so comfy and kind to my pockets.  I found them at target this fall and knew I needed them in both colors.  A lot of new exciting  changes coming for this blog soon: my own domain, some guest contributors, and finally created my 'About' page- check it out! 


"In Your Eyes" on a boombox 
outside your window.

the LOOK: movie inspired theme tank-top, with shorts, graphic tights, 
over-the-knee boots, a beanie and a long coat  }

Say Anything is probably one of my favorite cheesy 80's movies, I just love John Cusack. They just don't make romantic gestures like that anymore, what happened to the cheesy sweep you off your feet kind of effort.