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Timberland's got nothing on Target.

{ the LOOK: } Mixing Patterns and Teal.  Stripes, Leopard and Teal with dark denim 
and throwback style wedge boots.

Whether its a throwback or its vintage, I love mixing the old with the new.  Style never fades, it is eternal. Therefore things that were, Oh so loved can still be fab with a little renewal.  I will admit to a phase of Roca-Wear Jackets, Timberlands, Uptowns, and Avirex -boy did I think I was fly! Remember these bad boys, over here     - - - - - - >>

Yeah, I may have had them in all different colors and be the first girl in school to rock baby blue ones with white soles.  Yes, that happened.  To my surprise these are back with a vengeance! Instead of being worn with overalls like the early 90's, or tan faded denim like the late 90's, now they are being worn with skinny denim and scarves.  Though I will admit, despite my 'Timz' loving past I will not be practicing this trend. I will however be about this chic wedge bootie that give the same casual boot look, but a little more elegant, feminine and classy! The perfect refresh for a throwback favorite.

i'm wearing:
| MOSSIMO teal blazer (exact) | MOSSIMO sweater |  LEVI'S demi-curve deim |
| EXPRESS leopard scarf (exact) | MERONA wedge booties | LOUIS VUITTON speedy 30 (exact) |
| RAY BAN 1970's vintage gold frames | TARGET earrings |

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