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It's important to look at where you've been to see where you are.
Drawings Circa 2002-2008

So for some time now I have been promising myself I would draw more regularly and begin dabbling in painting.  I finally have.  In this same thought, I have been promising a few of my readers I would post my art, so here we are.  

As most things should be done, I figured it was only appropriate I start from the beginning. Of course I have older drawings than these, but they are all in storage and those might be too old for viewing. Haha!  So here are the pieces from when I was a teenager and some from when I was not even 21 yet.
I hope you will stay tuned for many more to come  -I will try to post one drawing at a time after this about once a month.     
{Above Piece: 'These Boots are made for walking' 2007}

| 'Starry-Eyed' 2008 |

| 'Fallen Angel' 2002 |

| 'Inspire' 2006 |

| 'Fierce' 2007 |

| 'A Lady on a Business Trip' 2007 |
( Can only pack two tops, two bottoms, and one coat. )

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