No Carb Nom | Simple Miso Glazed Sea Scallops

Miso Glazed Sea Scallops with Parmesan Farro Risotto
& Oyster Mushrooms topped with Lemony Greens

Im a sucker for any kind of risotto. The cheesy gooey deliciousness is a perfect belly warmer. Farro is a great alternative for pasta, as it is gluten free and a grain.  I also love using fresh local seafood. I first had miso glazed fish at a local sushi place & became obsessed. I found miso paste at the fish market where I picked up the scallops.

art | some slightly more recent works

The Randomness of my Mind
Circa 2011-2012

I'm going to slowly get my art up on this blog and try to keep it going as I create so I figured once a month I would post a few older pieces most of which are incomplete.  I like to have a few different projects always going -you never know what sort of a creative mood you will be in. Plus I always feel I could add more detail or more highlighting -an artist's job is never done.  There is always another version to be created. 

So here are a few fashion portraits, which is a lot of what I like to do and I threw in my 'Bad Girl Alice' for good measure! I hope you guys like them.

food, fashion & music | St. Cassie's Day in the City

City Escapades with my Lady, some Birthday Balls & the SHIPWRECKS! 

When it comes to my birthday, I will admit to being that slightly obnoxious person that makes a really big deal about it.  The way I look at it, I only have three more years until I turn 30 and will begin looking unacceptably ridiculous in exclaiming, "its my birthday".  So why not do it now?!  Carpe mutha-effing-diem. This year I literally celebrated a birthday week!  I have photos from a Dropkick Murphy's show to share with you all next too, so on St.Paddies day/my birthday I went to see an and coming Long Island based band and went where the night took me.  Not only was their so-cal style sound pleasantly lingering, but they were super cool guys as well!  So check out my adventures!  

beauty | the SPRING CLEANING

Time to refresh and revive -
with Mōdere. 

Aside from seasonal allergies the spring is great! Longer days filled with more sunshine and blue skies, the first bloomed flowers and cute jackets. In with the new and out with the old, time to switch out seasonal clothing and bedding, clean out that junk draw... maybe, and last, but certainly not least can't forget your skin needs a spring refresh!  

After the dryness of the winter it is important to gently revive your skin, without using harsh products. I'm always searching for non-toxic, natural, effective products that do not test on animals to use and I think I may have found one. Mōdere is an amazing lifestyle company that prides it's products on being inspired by nature and delivered by science. I tried the skin cleanser, skin brightener, and the body bars.  Each product lived up to my expectations. Go check out their site for a free trial on everything from personal-care to house-care that is all natural and comes in some cool scents.


Being taken out by four guys for a Fab Birthday- 
I guess that's just how I Roll!

Born Lucky, on St. Patricks day- here we go, to another fab year!  So, Just a few of my favorite things: multiple courses fine food, craft cocktails, great company and fantastic music. Ohhh yes and that was what my night would be consisting of. If you don't already know, the main street Huntington area has really come up; I'm a huge fan- it really has become the new hip downtown.  And I absolutely love the Paramount, its one of my new favorite venues- was there just a few days ago for a show. But beyond that, I love the restaurants. Honu is one of my favorites, I've eaten there quite a few times, and it never disappoints.

The ambiance is perfect -with it's open face brick, high ceilings,  chandeliers, and long velvet curtains. We sat in one of the sweet big booths which were great- almost like having your own private little room.  We enjoyed a very long and leisurely 3 hour dinner starting with cocktails and two rounds of appetizers, dinner, dessert, cappuccinos, more drinks and SHOTS. How we fit it all, I do not know.  We indulged with no regret.

Then we were off to the laser light show in Westbury.  Which was amazing!  I will admit I didn't love the Space as a venue, it was nice enough- but it was a bit disorganized and small. Although I will admit, none of that matters because the show was simply incredible- check it all out below!    

the LOOK | Leopard Pants

three styles, three occasions, and one pair of pants.

I will admit to not always being the biggest advocate of leopard or animal prints in general, but I have come around. They add an extra zest to spice up any look and its a sure bet  that a lady in leopard will certainly be a little wild! Bold prints are the perfect touch to any simple look  and can easily add a little more fun. When done correctly, leopard can be extremely versatile. 

Years ago, I probably would have been terrified of the idea of leopard pants.  Now I have embraced their vast possibilities.  When shopping for leopard pants I think the size of the print is very important and when trying to keep it ultra chic I think a smaller print is great where as if you wanted something a little more fun that may not be as versatile a larger print could be okay. 

I wanted to create 3 different looks, one to be a little more dressy-casual while the other two were different variations of casual. So when dressing in leopard remember a few rules:

daily outfit | NEON CASUAL

"Keep Smiling, because life is beautiful & there is so much to smile about."  -MONROE 

My birthday is looming, rather creeping on this particular year. I'm not sure why this one feels any different, but it does. This coming St. Paddy's Day, only a little less than two weeks: I'm turning the-big-2-7. Its not that big of a deal and I might be acting a bit dramatic, but it is official.  I am no longer in my mid-to-early twenties. I will officially be in in my late twenties. Now I may not be  ruling the world, have finished with my degree yet, or begun working full-time in my career field - but I know where I am headed and I'm headed with vigor, I have found the truest kind of love, I have always followed my heart and my gut instincts, and I have lead a life of passion.  I will not be a year older, but a year better. 

the LOOK | | casual; neon blazer, b&w patterned top, cobalt accessories, jeans with stiletto boots.    }

So simple and easy- yet the classic black stiletto boot always brings the extra oomph to any casual look. At the moment, I'm really into the b&w patterns with neon colors, especially neon yellow with cobalt. Paired with the fun yellow sweatshirt blazer, which is the perfect blend of comfortable without being sloppy. I love structured blazers and jackets that are made from comfortable materials.