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"Keep Smiling, because life is beautiful & there is so much to smile about."  -MONROE 

My birthday is looming, rather creeping on this particular year. I'm not sure why this one feels any different, but it does. This coming St. Paddy's Day, only a little less than two weeks: I'm turning the-big-2-7. Its not that big of a deal and I might be acting a bit dramatic, but it is official.  I am no longer in my mid-to-early twenties. I will officially be in in my late twenties. Now I may not be  ruling the world, have finished with my degree yet, or begun working full-time in my career field - but I know where I am headed and I'm headed with vigor, I have found the truest kind of love, I have always followed my heart and my gut instincts, and I have lead a life of passion.  I will not be a year older, but a year better. 

the LOOK | | casual; neon blazer, b&w patterned top, cobalt accessories, jeans with stiletto boots.    }

So simple and easy- yet the classic black stiletto boot always brings the extra oomph to any casual look. At the moment, I'm really into the b&w patterns with neon colors, especially neon yellow with cobalt. Paired with the fun yellow sweatshirt blazer, which is the perfect blend of comfortable without being sloppy. I love structured blazers and jackets that are made from comfortable materials.     

i'm wearing : 

 | MOSSIMO yellow blazer | MERONA satin tank |
| LEVI'S jeans | EXPRESS necklace | BCBG boots |
| MERONA men's beanie | PRADA sunglasses | BCBG clutch |

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