the LOOK | Leopard Pants

three styles, three occasions, and one pair of pants.

I will admit to not always being the biggest advocate of leopard or animal prints in general, but I have come around. They add an extra zest to spice up any look and its a sure bet  that a lady in leopard will certainly be a little wild! Bold prints are the perfect touch to any simple look  and can easily add a little more fun. When done correctly, leopard can be extremely versatile. 

Years ago, I probably would have been terrified of the idea of leopard pants.  Now I have embraced their vast possibilities.  When shopping for leopard pants I think the size of the print is very important and when trying to keep it ultra chic I think a smaller print is great where as if you wanted something a little more fun that may not be as versatile a larger print could be okay. 

I wanted to create 3 different looks, one to be a little more dressy-casual while the other two were different variations of casual. So when dressing in leopard remember a few rules:

1. The leopard is ruler of the jungle and does not want to compete with other patterns. 
 If you are mixing in a pattern make sure it isn't an ultra busy one.  I like stripes with leopard.  
Stripes are great with any tight-spaced patterns.

2. It's not the 60's -leopard does not match ONLY neutral colors. Although, still classic and I do it often, add some color- live a little.  You can experiment with almost any color: 
red, purple, yellow, lime, orange, cobalt and and teal are a few of my favorites with leopard.

3. Let the leopard item be the piece that brings it all togethe
rather than trying to over complicate with too many accessories, 
a super intricate top or just too much going on. Remember: Queen of the jungle- let her shine.  


i'm wearing:

| H&M chain mail knit sweater | C WONDER leopard pants |
| TARGET men's beanie | SAKS 5TH spiked loafers |
| URBAN EXPRESSIONS large fold-over bag | 
TARGET hexagon-nut necklace |


i'm wearing:

| MOSSIMO sweater | TARGET men's tee shirt |
| C WONDER leopard pants | FRANCESCA'S sugar skull necklace |
| C WONDER bracelet | FRANCESCA'S clutch |
| PRADA sunglasses |


i'm wearing:
| KATE YOUNG for target blazer | JOIE silk blouse |
| C WONDER pearl necklace | TARGET bracelet |
| C WONDER leopard pants | MOSSIMO heeled booties |
| C WONDER saffiano leather bag |

Which Look do you like best?

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