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Time to refresh and revive -
with Mōdere. 

Aside from seasonal allergies the spring is great! Longer days filled with more sunshine and blue skies, the first bloomed flowers and cute jackets. In with the new and out with the old, time to switch out seasonal clothing and bedding, clean out that junk draw... maybe, and last, but certainly not least can't forget your skin needs a spring refresh!  

After the dryness of the winter it is important to gently revive your skin, without using harsh products. I'm always searching for non-toxic, natural, effective products that do not test on animals to use and I think I may have found one. Mōdere is an amazing lifestyle company that prides it's products on being inspired by nature and delivered by science. I tried the skin cleanser, skin brightener, and the body bars.  Each product lived up to my expectations. Go check out their site for a free trial on everything from personal-care to house-care that is all natural and comes in some cool scents.

I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Millennial Central for Modere I received a promotional item to facilitate my review and to thank me for my participation.


1. ) Use a Gentle Cleanser.
2. ) Exfoliate 1-2 times a week.
3. ) Moisturize!

|  the CLEANSER :  |

The first step to getting your skin ready for summer: getting your face ready to be sun-kissed.  The perfect gentle cleanser is essential.  I look for something with minimal chemicals that won't be over-drying. It was more of a gel than I expected but left no oily residue and created a lot of lather.  It needs to be rinsed well, but made my skin feel super clean- like it removed all my face makeup for once. I always feel like I need to use a toner to remove all traces of face make-up- but this combination skin cleanser does the trick.

| the BODY BAR : |

Next- You Must Exfoliate! This is one of the most important.  You need to gently remove that dead skin and get ready to shine.  I love, LOVED Mōdere's basic body bar, it was very lightly scented and its lather reminded me of a good oatmeal soap, yet has small granulates that gently exfoliates.  Literally the perfect all-natural soap bar.  It is gentle enough to use daily, but is enough to refresh that winter skin.


Lastly, we need to moisturize.  I still like to use a good shea, coconut, or olive oil based moisturizer after the shower, but this skin brightener really evens out my tone and makes my skin glisten when applied to dry skin. Again it was a gel and I guess I expected more of a creme, but it worked well and was quickly absorbed.  Right now I really use it on my body, mainly my legs but would probably put on my face in the summer when I wear less face makeup. 


  1. Lovely products :)

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  2. I have never tried these products but I'd love to)) Thanks for sharing:))

    1. Hey girl, yeah I never had until now either. They are a newer company and I highly recommend them!


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