The Simplest Breakfast,
for a Busy Lifestyle.

We've been told our whole lives that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many of us actually do eat a balanced and nutritious breakfast every morning. A cup of coffee taken black like your soul, does not count and that banana as you are sprinting out the door barely counts. 

I'm sort of a grown up now, I even meal prep and organize for my week now.  Let me tell you, these overnight oats and muffin tin frittatas have made breakfast a breeze.  Overnight oats is like if breakfast and dessert combined with oatmeal in a sweet chilled pudding.  It's awesome -do it.

Bush's 20th Anniversary of Sixteen Stone

Two words: Gavin Rossdale.
That is all.

You know you are old when you become stuck in your ways with music.  I can't help it, I absolutely hate the "hit" radio stations now. I will forever be stuck in previous eras of musical evolution, my love for the 60's and 70's music is deep.  Though the 90's have always turned me into such a groupie, or as Penny Lane would say : "a band-aid; the ultimate fan who keeps the music together"(Almost Famous). Though I do believe, it was the music -that kept me together. 

I had said years ago that I wanted to see all the bands I had loved as an angsty little teenage and had never gotten to see, I'm really zoning in on that list now. The Offspring (check!); The Smashing Pumpkins (yaaahss, check!); Oasis (trying to see Noel Gallagher's band), New Found Glory (this week!), Blink 182, and of course Bush and I am so happy to say they were awesome live. #GavinsVoice 

There was a moment I may have melted and been a puddle on the floor.  Seriously, the man may be that friggin' dreamy -it's true. I would go see them anytime they ever toured again.  I love a good blast from the past from the past to remind me of how music always made me whole as a teenageer, so I dressed like I would have at 13 years old and sang songs I've always loved.

Bright Days

Waiting for Bright days, & NO MORE SNOW.

Winters always seem so long.  Though I am most definitely over the snow, the winter has actually blown by.  The older and older we all get, time continues to pass faster.  This year in particular has been full of life and new beginnings, and now that the snow is beginning to melt the spring is bringing even more adventure.
So let's hope this is my last post with snow in the background and the beginning of even brighter days. 

BEAUTY | Tired Eyes

Long Days, Long nights
& a little miracle that looks like a full night's rest.

Being a young professional can certainly be tiresome and definitely contributes to stress, both physically and emotionally. Intensive Youth Eye Gel by Radha Beauty is the perfect secret weapon to help combat some of the physical signs of fatigue. 

I used this little guy for a touch over 3 weeks straight and I have seen the biggest change in the appearance of dark circles under my eyes, which is definitely one of my major concerns. The Eye Gel also seeks to soothe puffy eyes, which you can actually feel happening when you apply the gel. 

Seven Years of St. Cassie's Day

Being Born on St. Paddy's Day,
is pretty much the best.

It's like all of America is throwing a huge birthday party everywhere I go.  Though I feel I'm on overload of green, beer and "kiss me" signs -so this year I will not go to any parades, I will not drink giant cups of beer, I will however start my day off with an Irish coffee.

This year there will be no irish car-bombs guzzled, no corn beef and cabbage eaten, and no party beads collected.  There will instead be Manhattan adventures with a few my closet, stay tuned for our adventures.  So here's to another year, being born lucky and to feeling just as young as I did seven years ago (just much wiser).

Winter Blues & Flannel

Winter Blues are coming to an end,
Bring on the Spring Adventure.

Fresh rain, breezy skies, rolling clouds, fresh cut grass, first blooms and Brooklyn.  Blooming into a new life.  I'm a newly engaged woman off to go seize her destiny and sh*t.  I have love and now I need to achieve the career I've been grooming myself for, my whole life.  Chasing the city lights on an adventure to beautify everything I come into contact with.

So much more is happening and changing right now, I'm sitting on the cusp of be exactly where I've waited to be for so long.  Striding towards my career in styling and fashion -this blog will be here to document my journey, my life, the people I encounter, and all the beautiful things that I see.  

 D e a r  S p r i n g  -I hope you are ready for one hell of a time.  Open up Life, we're diving in. 

Tips for a Glowing Complexion

Take care of your face,
its the only one you get. 

My skin has been super temperamental over the last few years and I've been experimenting with my skincare regimen in hopes of 'good skin'.  Skin break-outs after high school are pretty much worse as a grown up. After much and many a different products, I realized that I was using too harsh of products on my skin. Finding my toner and face wash both had salicylic acid which was drying out my skin. I stopped using everything. 

Now, I'm to back using the classic Cetaphil face wash, I exfoliate with a Clarisonic twice a week, and this amazing dead sea mud mask once a week.  The Insta Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask is a mineral infused detoxifier, purifier and it is 100% natural.  A great mask is what was really missing from my routine and this one is perfect. 

I love the Insta Natural products and their ability to refine my complexion.  After using the mask, my pores were smaller and my skin was ultra smooth, and in combination with the retinol moisturizer I've noticed a little more of a glow. Get your best face: here.

Planning with Wedding Paper Divas

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Wedding paper Divas. 
I received a product and a promotional item to thank me for participating. All opinions are my own.
Much Decisions,
So many choices. 

You get engaged, then you are wrapped in a whirlwind of elated excitement. Before you can begin to get used to the word fiancé, you begin to get all the, "Did you set a date?" inquisitions.  With that comes all the planning.

Aaron and I decided to make our own rules and, well - we do what want.  Now we decided  a long time ago that we were in no rush.  So we knew we wanted to have quite the long engagement, which we thought called for a huge engagement soiree, obviously.  We are going to continue to grow our careers and simply enjoy life with one another -relishing in each moment. So, we are holding off on the wedding plans and instead we planned an engagement party. First things first, we picked the venue and then the invites. 

I had quite the difficult time choosing between two venues, but at least Wedding Paper Divas made customizing my invitations simply perfect. WPD is pretty much the best invitation making site I found while scouring through google searches.  They make choosing a theme, color scheme, paper type and font so much simpler when you visualize it first with their Sample Kit on there site: here. Using the 'FREETRY' code you can receive sample invites before you choose.

So check it out it, after all -it's free and efficient. I loved the final results of my invites and I can't wait to share them with all of you.