Tips for a Glowing Complexion

Take care of your face,
its the only one you get. 

My skin has been super temperamental over the last few years and I've been experimenting with my skincare regimen in hopes of 'good skin'.  Skin break-outs after high school are pretty much worse as a grown up. After much and many a different products, I realized that I was using too harsh of products on my skin. Finding my toner and face wash both had salicylic acid which was drying out my skin. I stopped using everything. 

Now, I'm to back using the classic Cetaphil face wash, I exfoliate with a Clarisonic twice a week, and this amazing dead sea mud mask once a week.  The Insta Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask is a mineral infused detoxifier, purifier and it is 100% natural.  A great mask is what was really missing from my routine and this one is perfect. 

I love the Insta Natural products and their ability to refine my complexion.  After using the mask, my pores were smaller and my skin was ultra smooth, and in combination with the retinol moisturizer I've noticed a little more of a glow. Get your best face: here.

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