Winter Blues & Flannel

Winter Blues are coming to an end,
Bring on the Spring Adventure.

Fresh rain, breezy skies, rolling clouds, fresh cut grass, first blooms and Brooklyn.  Blooming into a new life.  I'm a newly engaged woman off to go seize her destiny and sh*t.  I have love and now I need to achieve the career I've been grooming myself for, my whole life.  Chasing the city lights on an adventure to beautify everything I come into contact with.

So much more is happening and changing right now, I'm sitting on the cusp of be exactly where I've waited to be for so long.  Striding towards my career in styling and fashion -this blog will be here to document my journey, my life, the people I encounter, and all the beautiful things that I see.  

 D e a r  S p r i n g  -I hope you are ready for one hell of a time.  Open up Life, we're diving in. 

| what i'm wearing :

MOSSIMO | flannels

MERONA | tunic

MERONA | tights

ZAPPOS | booties

TARGET | hat

ETSY | necklace

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