Planning with Wedding Paper Divas

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Much Decisions,
So many choices. 

You get engaged, then you are wrapped in a whirlwind of elated excitement. Before you can begin to get used to the word fiancé, you begin to get all the, "Did you set a date?" inquisitions.  With that comes all the planning.

Aaron and I decided to make our own rules and, well - we do what want.  Now we decided  a long time ago that we were in no rush.  So we knew we wanted to have quite the long engagement, which we thought called for a huge engagement soiree, obviously.  We are going to continue to grow our careers and simply enjoy life with one another -relishing in each moment. So, we are holding off on the wedding plans and instead we planned an engagement party. First things first, we picked the venue and then the invites. 

I had quite the difficult time choosing between two venues, but at least Wedding Paper Divas made customizing my invitations simply perfect. WPD is pretty much the best invitation making site I found while scouring through google searches.  They make choosing a theme, color scheme, paper type and font so much simpler when you visualize it first with their Sample Kit on there site: here. Using the 'FREETRY' code you can receive sample invites before you choose.

So check it out it, after all -it's free and efficient. I loved the final results of my invites and I can't wait to share them with all of you. 

WPD takes all the chaos and tedious decision making of the invitation process simple and straight forward, while maintaining quality. 

Not only can you check out prototype versions of what your invitation could look like, but you get to sample each element: the paper type, to the font, and even the envelopes.  Being able to hold each piece takes the mystery out of ordering online.

When you begin your invitation planning process with Wedding Paper Divas you can order their perfect little sample kit to get the feel for what kind of invitation you would like.  

After you have an idea of the theme or vibe you'd like to convey, you can then order sample invitations of your choice besides the ones included in the kit to impact your final decision. Below are some of the samples I chose, stay tuned to see how my invites turned out!