Bush's 20th Anniversary of Sixteen Stone

Two words: Gavin Rossdale.
That is all.

You know you are old when you become stuck in your ways with music.  I can't help it, I absolutely hate the "hit" radio stations now. I will forever be stuck in previous eras of musical evolution, my love for the 60's and 70's music is deep.  Though the 90's have always turned me into such a groupie, or as Penny Lane would say : "a band-aid; the ultimate fan who keeps the music together"(Almost Famous). Though I do believe, it was the music -that kept me together. 

I had said years ago that I wanted to see all the bands I had loved as an angsty little teenage and had never gotten to see, I'm really zoning in on that list now. The Offspring (check!); The Smashing Pumpkins (yaaahss, check!); Oasis (trying to see Noel Gallagher's band), New Found Glory (this week!), Blink 182, and of course Bush and I am so happy to say they were awesome live. #GavinsVoice 

There was a moment I may have melted and been a puddle on the floor.  Seriously, the man may be that friggin' dreamy -it's true. I would go see them anytime they ever toured again.  I love a good blast from the past from the past to remind me of how music always made me whole as a teenageer, so I dressed like I would have at 13 years old and sang songs I've always loved.

| Creperie Amazingness in New Jersey : fried chicken and mushroom crepe bundles with a béchamel creme.  ( Maxiyumm's website

| what i'm wearing:

H&M | mesh sweater

C WONDER | wool buffalo plaid skirt

TARGET | leopard tights

CANDIES | boots

FIRMOO | glasses

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| my live videos :

Greedy Fly 

"The Chemicals Between us"

"The Only Way Out is Through"

"Everything is Zen"


"The Little Things"

"Machine head"



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