Girly Skirts and Punk Rock

If you should be my punk rock princess,
So I could be your garage band king.

Celtic punk rock with Kurt Cobain and a girly twist : I like a little bit of everything. I suppose I prefer a little organized chaos, making the unconventional come together.

I feel like when I was a teenager I floated around and never really fit in with one specific style. There was never a rhyme or reason, either I liked something or I didn't. I always was inspired by so many influences. I was always a little urban funky with a touch of punk and as I've gotten older I've gone to love classic chic with retro old Hollywood vibes. Each taking the spotlight on different occasions. There is just so much beauty in this world, why settle on just one style?

I threw this look together last minute and used the same tank and vest from a previous night out— this look here. I was strapped for time, but wanted to quickly reinvent the look with a punky twist to see Dropkick Murphy's opposing the edgy clubby look that I wore to see the DJ High Contrast.

Secret Garden

Stop to Smell the Flowers-
Or Life may just pass you by.

Its already the middle of July and I can hardly believe it!  I remember being a kid, when summer felt like an eternity, some years I actually anticipated the return of fall.  Now, fall will always be one of my favorite seasons, but I do not anticipate how quickly the seasons come and go.  

I try to live each day- relishing in every moment.  Especially, as it seems the days and weeks just blur past us, the older we get.  To live a life full of rewards of all kinds.  I am so thankful to be able to make enough money to enjoy this life, even if I'm just temporarily slinging drinks to rich people. We should all strive to love the life we live, at whatever stage its in.  Too often, people get lost in the shuffle; that whole I am a "20-something year old just trying to make it in this world- I work crazy awful jobs and go to school" bit, but you just have to know you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Mediocre jobs are only a pit stop, as long as you strive for more.  Take it all in and move on.  

Dance All Night Long

Dance till you drop.
And then the beat dropsssss.

Clubbing: seems like the coolest thing ever when your are 19+, or in most cases 17+ with a fake ID, but nevertheless, by the time you hit your mid-to-late twenties it is suddenly not nearly as fun and often redundant.  You think, maybe its the clubs, or the people, is too loud, but then again- maybe I've gotten old?  

Hey, it happens.  I guess it means I am getting old too, because on most nights I'd rather go have dinner and kill a bottle of wine on a waterfront view in good company, maybe even just go out for a single night cap at a bar, or even dare I say it- just kick it at home with some cocktails, a great spread of food and some close friends. 

Although, when I heard one of my old time favorite DJs was going to be in the city, the man who got me into drum and bass himself; I knew I had to be there.