Dance All Night Long

Dance till you drop.
And then the beat dropsssss.

Clubbing: seems like the coolest thing ever when your are 19+, or in most cases 17+ with a fake ID, but nevertheless, by the time you hit your mid-to-late twenties it is suddenly not nearly as fun and often redundant.  You think, maybe its the clubs, or the people, is too loud, but then again- maybe I've gotten old?  

Hey, it happens.  I guess it means I am getting old too, because on most nights I'd rather go have dinner and kill a bottle of wine on a waterfront view in good company, maybe even just go out for a single night cap at a bar, or even dare I say it- just kick it at home with some cocktails, a great spread of food and some close friends. 

Although, when I heard one of my old time favorite DJs was going to be in the city, the man who got me into drum and bass himself; I knew I had to be there.  
When my best friend, Erin egged me on, it was all I needed.  And to my delight, High Contrast brought the show.   It had been eight years since my club rat era and I hadn't stepped foot in webster hall in a while and I reveled in the moment.  Brooklyn lager on tap and a top-shelf tequila shot to start the night.  What a night it was! We danced and raged a little.  Truly let oursleves be young in the night.  Everything was all moonlight and laughter until- I lost my best friend in Penn Station!

We made a plan to meet back infront of the bathrooms, but when I got there they were closed down.  So I looked around for a moment and figured she boarded the train.  I met some new friends and had them helping me look for her too, then I was showing the train conductor and anyone else I could her photo like she was a kid on a milk carton.  Still nothing.  Called her, but her phone was dead.  I was beginning to worry she didn't make it on the train.  When we got back to Ronkonkoma station, I still couldn't find her.  So I sat on her car alone, at 5AM, in a sketchy train station parking lot.  After a few moments passed and I didn't see her, I called my boyfriend who drove all the way out to pick me up.

Now, where was Erin you ask.  Sleeping- sound asleep, while all of this was going on.  She was woken up an hour later by MTA police telling her, "to go sleep elsewhere."  Then she found the message I wrote in the fog on her window and she went home. The moral of story, don't separate when your phone is almost dead.

F21: Studded Vest ; F21: Cobain Muscle-Tank ; F21: Striped Shorts;
Target: Bracelet; Target: Bracelet ; H&M: Necklace ; F21: Bag;
BCBG: Shoes  

Erin is wearing:
H&M: Top ; H&M: Shorts; Francesca's: Clutch ; Saks: borrowed my necklace ; 
Stuart Wietzman: Airy Bootie

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Mr. Majestic

Eternal Optimist

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