Secret Garden

Stop to Smell the Flowers-
Or Life may just pass you by.

Its already the middle of July and I can hardly believe it!  I remember being a kid, when summer felt like an eternity, some years I actually anticipated the return of fall.  Now, fall will always be one of my favorite seasons, but I do not anticipate how quickly the seasons come and go.  

I try to live each day- relishing in every moment.  Especially, as it seems the days and weeks just blur past us, the older we get.  To live a life full of rewards of all kinds.  I am so thankful to be able to make enough money to enjoy this life, even if I'm just temporarily slinging drinks to rich people. We should all strive to love the life we live, at whatever stage its in.  Too often, people get lost in the shuffle; that whole I am a "20-something year old just trying to make it in this world- I work crazy awful jobs and go to school" bit, but you just have to know you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Mediocre jobs are only a pit stop, as long as you strive for more.  Take it all in and move on.  

So in between 3 jobs, summer session, trying to keep my household functioning and trying not to neglect time with my boyfriend I have still managed to squeeze in some awesome festivities! 
This Summer has been great already, I have some upcoming posts on the Dropkick Murphy and Social Distortion shows I've gone to and the Color Run 2013 in the works.  In the coming weeks there is much to look forward to: NoFo Craft Beer Festival, Avicii at Martha Clara Vineyards, a wild Bachelorette party vacay to Atlantic City, a romantic 3 night getaway to the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, and Electric Zoo. Those are just the headliners.  I have 2 and a half more weeks of this dreaded accounting class and then I have a few weeks of freedom and some TLC time with this blog, which may be getting a facelift in that time! So be on the lookout for a fresh look!

So I know, its July and I'm wearing a sweater, but first off- besides this sweltering week it has been pretty mild here in New York.  And regardless, shorts with a sweater is my go-to movie night outfit; everyone knows the air-conditioning will be on blast and its comfortable, cute and easily pulled together.  Wore this look to watch Brad Pitt in World War Z, which did not disappoint at all!       

Mossimo: Cardigan // H&M: Ivory Blouse // Mossimo: Yellow Shorts // Target: Braided Belt 
// Target: 2-Tier Gold Chain Necklace // Michael Kors: Watch // Target: Wedges
Louis Vuitton: Speedy  


  1. This is such a pretty outfit! I just love those shorts. What a beautiful colour!

  2. cool colours:)) Like it maybe you could visit my blog and follow if you like it:)) Let me know

  3. Great layering and use of colours

  4. Amazing wedges and I'm in love with those yellow shorts

    Kisses from Dublin

  5. I'm more of a spring person, the word fall is a promise for rain here in the Netherlands. I like your outfit, the blue and yellow work great together

  6. Loving the color of your shorts! Great look!

  7. Great outfit, it really suits you. Your shorts are so cute! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  8. Great outfit!
    Nice photos!

  9. I love your attitude ;) so great outfit, so colorful and elegant!! really love it!!

    I'm participating in a Spanish street style contest, I invite you to check my look and if you like it, voting is really easy :) thank you!! Kisses

  10. beautiful combination!:) love your bag!♥


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