Girly Skirts and Punk Rock

If you should be my punk rock princess,
So I could be your garage band king.

Celtic punk rock with Kurt Cobain and a girly twist : I like a little bit of everything. I suppose I prefer a little organized chaos, making the unconventional come together.

I feel like when I was a teenager I floated around and never really fit in with one specific style. There was never a rhyme or reason, either I liked something or I didn't. I always was inspired by so many influences. I was always a little urban funky with a touch of punk and as I've gotten older I've gone to love classic chic with retro old Hollywood vibes. Each taking the spotlight on different occasions. There is just so much beauty in this world, why settle on just one style?

I threw this look together last minute and used the same tank and vest from a previous night out— this look here. I was strapped for time, but wanted to quickly reinvent the look with a punky twist to see Dropkick Murphy's opposing the edgy clubby look that I wore to see the DJ High Contrast.

I chose to balance the harshness of a denim vest, muscle tee, and studded boots with the empire waisted skirt with a slight animal print texture.  I felt the skirt and the necklace classed up the look while blending the two traditionally opposite styles.  It was appropriate and comfortable and easy to rock out in.

The show was great! It was the third show I've ever seen at the Paramount and it never ever disappoints. It's so great that Long Island finally has such a great venue.

The opening acts were the Mahones and Old Man Markley which were both surprisingly good. First of all the Mahones had a female accordion  player that made accordion playing look hot, Steve Urkel certainly wouldn't have known what to do with himself. The energy was out of control, I've rarely seen an opening act get the crowd so amped up. Then Old Man Markley comes to the stage with a washboard player, yes that's right, a man playing an old fashion washboard once used for scrubbing laundry clean. I was pleasantly surprise when they killed it and played a ridiculously awesome folky punk version of Dr. Dre and Eminem's, "Forgot about Dre"(See Video Below).

Now, this was my first live Dropkick Murphy's experience and I'm happy to say it won't be my last. It was one of the best energies I've experienced at a rock show. I made friends with almost everyone in the crowd around us, it was like it was St. Paddy's day and we were all the best of friends. They were just as amazing live if not better than their album cuts and best of all they covered The Who's, "Baba O'Riley", which was pretty much pure flippin' magic (See Video Below).  Then to top it off I got pushed on stage by the bouncer to sing "Kiss me, I'm sh*tfaced" with Ken Casey.  If that wasn't awesome enough, as I was getting off the stage I met Al Barr on the side of the stage and took a quick photo with him.  I love when things just sort of happen like that.  An awesome night, the way it should be.

F21: Vest // F21: Cobain Tank // Mossimo: Empire Skirt //

 Michael Kors: Studded Belt // H&M: Necklace 

// Candies: Studded Boots

( me with al barr)

 ( me dancing on stage with ken casey singing, "kiss me, i'm sh*tfaced")

( Old Man Markley: covering "Forgot about Dre" 
- by Dr. Dre & Eminem )

( Drop Kick Murphys : Shipping off to Boston)

( Drop Kick Murphys: covering "Baba O'Riley" 
also refered to as "Teenage Wasteland" - by the Who)


  1. Great photos ;)
    It looks a lot of fun ;))

  2. lovely post!! love both the jacket n boots!!grt pics!!
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  3. Love your style :) Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :)

  4. Thanks love! It was a blast!

  5. Thanks so much! I'll def check out you blog too!

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  7. awesome look!love that vest!

  8. Love this look on you - so cool! You're totally rocking this edgy vibe. I love your vest and those boots complete it all!

    1. Thanks dear. I wasn't sue about it at first.

  9. you rock this!!
    totally following, can't wait to see more
    xo Jessica
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  10. This is such a great skirt; I imagine there are so many different looks you could create. This is super cool.

  11. Thanks so much. So kind and inspiring!


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