Greatness on Great Lawn

And I wonder-
When I sing along with you.
If everything could ever feel this real foreverrrr..
So this is from a few months back, right around the time I went on my hiatus.
Ironically, the night one of my favorite bands announced their own hiatus.
But it was such an amazing time I couldn't bear to not post the event.
It was early September, that perfect kind of crisp night air where you don't need a jacket yet.
We went to the Global Citizen's Festival on Great Lawn in Central Park, which is a new concert series that helps spread the knowledge of different non-profit organizations as well as funding the proceeds to help the world overcome many hardships and assists them in beginning to flourish. 

Nice to Mint You

Like a Breath of Fresh Air
Make it memorable.

Spring is near, but the chill is still here.  
The older I get, the more I feel that ground hog doesn't know anything! ;)
As much as I would love to start premiering spring fashion, New York is not having it yet!
I'll do my best to mix winter and spring fashion to suffice.

Mexican Cheer

It's thursday, which most people are ecstatic for, because its almost friday.
Although when you work in a restaurant/bar that means nothing, my week is just beginning!

Work in a few hours at Agave's Tequila Bar & Lounge and it's ladies night, I think it would be fun if we added a funky shot menu for the summer to go with our fantastic margaritas and mojitos.  When I went to Masa in Boston for my birthday, during last year's St. Paddy's Weekend extravaganza, our server gave us these gems to celebrate and she even took one with us!

Hello 90's, Good Bye Tape Deck

Last early November, I went to relive the days of waiting all day
to record a song off the radio onto cassette in a BOOMBOX!
When radio stations played nothing but: 
Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind, Everclear, Eve 6, and Matchbox 20.
Those were the days of my childhood and in this night the music shall remind us.
Young and innocent.