Mexican Cheer

It's thursday, which most people are ecstatic for, because its almost friday.
Although when you work in a restaurant/bar that means nothing, my week is just beginning!

Work in a few hours at Agave's Tequila Bar & Lounge and it's ladies night, I think it would be fun if we added a funky shot menu for the summer to go with our fantastic margaritas and mojitos.  When I went to Masa in Boston for my birthday, during last year's St. Paddy's Weekend extravaganza, our server gave us these gems to celebrate and she even took one with us!

Now, I know what you're thinking- "3 Shots?! Get out oh here with that."  Looks can be deceiving and most definitely in this case.  The first shot is half-full with fresh squeezed lime juice, the second was a reposado tequila shot and the third is sangrita which is a spicy bloody mary mix.  It sounds much more scary than it was, and to add it it- when we took this it was 9:30 in the morning on parade day and none of us were ready, but since the waitress insisted for my birthday- we obliged and were surprised.  As long as you follow the order, the result was as if no shot had been taken at all, similar result to a pickleback, meaning it's like an insta-eraser.  Bottom line try the sangrita trio if you get the opportunity. 

Some Highlights from my 
1/4 of a Century Birthday Weekend:


  1. this sounds amazing. i want one. right now.

    (also, the title of your blog cracks me up. i feel ya, girl!)

    1. ooo! they are sooo good! hahah, that's kind of why I did it, I feel like all of us young dreamers are in this thing together. ;D


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