Greatness on Great Lawn

And I wonder-
When I sing along with you.
If everything could ever feel this real foreverrrr..
So this is from a few months back, right around the time I went on my hiatus.
Ironically, the night one of my favorite bands announced their own hiatus.
But it was such an amazing time I couldn't bear to not post the event.
It was early September, that perfect kind of crisp night air where you don't need a jacket yet.
We went to the Global Citizen's Festival on Great Lawn in Central Park, which is a new concert series that helps spread the knowledge of different non-profit organizations as well as funding the proceeds to help the world overcome many hardships and assists them in beginning to flourish. 

An evening where the voices of the amazing guest speakers and Flippin' AH-MAZING musical talents would dance in the sky for all to enjoy.  A night where not one, but so many voices would be heard. 
As well as being the evening that the Foo Fighters announced their hiatus, partially because Dave Grohl is dedicating his focuses on his Sound City project.  

When dressing for an event like this I wanted to keep in mind that it would be a cool evening and that I would be walking through massive crowds.  I kept it super casual and comfortable.  
F21: Preppy Cobalt & Black Cardigan // F21 : Miles Davis Racerback tank//
 Mossimo: Pinstripe Pants // Steve Madden: Biker style Riding Boot with Cobalt zipper

Amazing cover of John Lennon's, "Imagine" by John Legend

Part 1

Part 2
The Black Keys: Little Black Submarine

The Black Keys: Tighten Up


Foo Fighters: Everlong

Foo Fighters: Best of You

Foo Fighters: Arlandria


  1. Seems like one hell of a great experience! Love the outfit you picked!



    1. Thanks doll!
      It was an awesome evening!
      I'll def check out your blog!

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  6. Why thank you! c&p seems to have some fabulous stuff! I'd love to wear some of your things! lets talk. :D


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