Purple Haze

the LOOK: men's deconstructed tee, boyfriend cardi, pinstripe pants, wedge booties, a beanie, a cape, and a designer bag.

"Now, Kiss the Skyyy." So it is safe to say I'm backkkkk! After almost a 2 week on hiatus, I'm back to share my adventures in clothing, beauty, food- which I will be transforming from heavy rich foods to healthier cleaner eating, and simply: my life. 

The holidays have been insane, I was a little late on all my festive posts this year.  But this was my first holiday season as a blogger.  This March marks a year that I have been consistently blogging --Whoaaaa.  I love it, I have loved meeting so many interesting and influential creative souls and It has been a great year. I will be following up this post with my New Year's outfit and post my craft tutorial posts from the holidays

This year my plans fell into place last minute, I love when awesome like that happens. I'm going out in the city all night tonight and can't wait. I'm meeting up with friends doing a little pre-game partying, then off for a late dinner reservation, then to a cool bar to watch the ball drop -where we will try our hardest to avoid Times Square and then wherever the night shall take us.  I can't believe tonight is the last night of 2013! My anticipation is building to get glitzed and glammed for NYE festivities and bring in the New Year in a fabulous manner. 

Now off to prepare for this evening! While running around during the day looking for some last minute sparkle to wear, I would wear something like this. I love layering a fun comfy sweater and hat with chic and casual pieces for the perfect day look with style.  

X-MAS '13

A Very Merry Christmas!
From New York.

This christmas season was insane for me.  In all honesty, I wanted these posts up a week or so prior. You could say life got a little away from me.  But better late than never I suppose.  Or at least that always seems to be my motto. I have a tendency to take on too many projects, what can I say I have a big imagination and even bigger ambitions. So I figured I'd give you a look into my homemade garland, my christmas tree decor and a preview of some of my homemade presents with full DIY present tutorials to follow soon. 

Every christmas I spend my christmas eve with my boyfriend's family and then we head up to Pennsylvania where my family has all moved to spend christmas day with my side.  So on top of this trip I had also decided to craft ALL of my presents.  It seemed like a great idea initially, but reality showed me that I was in over my head.  I barely got everything done in the nic of time. So apologies for my lack of blogging these last few weeks, but I have lots of posts to share with you all in the coming weeks!  But needless to say I got it done and had a lovely christmas!  Hope you all enjoyed your holiday and are ready for an exciting New Years!  

Library Geek - Casual Chic

 Fab New Firmoo Glasses!
new glasses, the smell of old books, and cozy winter layers. 

Oh, baby its cold outside. This look is what we call layer multiple layers of warm clothing and make it look chic versus a look ala bag lady. I mixed together a bunch of neutrals in layers and called it a wrap on such a blustery day.  

I thought my casual day look went together well with my fab new Firmoo glasses. For those who don't know how awesome a company this is, let me tell you, Firmoo is an international company that offers highly fashionable frames at a fraction of the cost of big designer styles. I'm in love with my first pair. Read all about them here.

Not only is there a vast variety arranged by shape and material, but they offer the first pair for FREE! Every new customer is entitled to one pair of frames.  They even cover single vision lens and they throw in the case, cleaning cloth and other accessories all for free! I highly recommend the over-sized style I chose which is #F022 and you can see here.  Read more about getting your free Firmoo glasses that can be prescription or simply just for fun frames, check the Free offer right here.

So to get FREE glasses or sunglasses go to the following link and check-out using the promo code:

This offer is valid to all countries they deliver to such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, but to see the full list click here. The site offers 360 degree views of the frames so you can get a realistic feel of the item you are buying.  Firmoo has a Virtual Try-On System so you can see your frames on a face similar to your own, or perhaps upload a photo and try them on yourself.  98% of customers easily found their perfect match glasses with the Virtual Try-On session.        

Blue SOULED suede shoes

Menswear Chic
A Casual look in menswear styled shoes.

Still in a bit of whirlwind. I feel like I always have a billion things to do in the same week. All or nothing, baby. I just got back from a childhood friend's baby shower in FLORIDA! Yes, I was in the only place that had 80 degree weather this week, don't hate me too much.  It was glorious.  I'll post soon about the baby Wyatt "Mustache Bash" extravaganza.  Then back to cold New York. 

Although I don't mind the cold too much, I'm getting ready for the winter holidays and some beautiful snow. I've been getting together all my goodies for christmas crafts (which I will post), just got some of my decorations out, finishing finals, and then my dad calls me to tell me that the weekend he wants to visit and come stay at my house is this week.  I love all of these things in all different ways, but maybe not all within the same 4 day span.     

Does anyone else feel like the holidays have really snuck up on us? I can not believe there is only 2 weeks till christmas.

Perfect Holiday Crowd Pleasers

Dishes of Deliciousness- 
from my Budweiser Project 12 Friends-giving.

Nothing like good food, good company, a fire and a couple of cozy drinks to take off the winter chill! I love really homestyle staples mixed with a little ingenuity and some good cheese, this is where the magic in making great dishes comes. 

I made four great appetizers or small plate courses for my past friends-giving and I thought I'd share the recipes in honor of the holiday season being upon us.  

North Forkin' Adventures

Galavanting in the fall with my love.
Remember to love each day.

I realze more than ever that the people closet to you, whom you love the most, still need to be reminded of that every so often. You know, I'll admit it.  My boyfriend and I got into a tiff the other night. Sometimes he feels I don't show him enough attention because I'm always occupied with school, work, this blog or one of my billion little projects. I'll have to admit I'm always going a mile minute with a million tasks each week.  I guess I always felt that he is in his career and that he understood that I am doing everything in my power to better myself and get into my dream career field.  He does, but I guess he deserves more of my time. Being the love of my life and all, not like that's a big deal or anything. Seriously though, it's all about compromise. 

My Friendsgiving "Project 12" Beer Pairing

Tasting Budweiser's Project 12 Unreleased Limited Batch.
Pairing with delicious dishes and picking a favorite!

This past weekend, I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Millennial Central for Budweiser. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating. Check the out all the brewing action here on Budweiser's Tumblr. I seized this fabulous opportunity to host a casual little friends-giving for a few of my closest and to just indulge a little. 

Like This & Like That & Like This & UH

1 Peplum Top. Worn 3 Ways-

I'm always looking for a great versatile item that I can get a lot of wear in.  I hate those spur of the moment purchases that seem like such a fab find at the moment and then you wear it once and it hangs in your closet, cast to the shadows and neglected for another decade. So therefore try to choose items that you can make versatile I follow this rule of thumb, "if you can not think of at least 2 occasions or ways you can wear the item in question- put it down". Awesome wardrobe pieces deserve to be worn and go out and help you live a fabulous life, make sure to pick ones that fit yours.