X-MAS '13

A Very Merry Christmas!
From New York.

This christmas season was insane for me.  In all honesty, I wanted these posts up a week or so prior. You could say life got a little away from me.  But better late than never I suppose.  Or at least that always seems to be my motto. I have a tendency to take on too many projects, what can I say I have a big imagination and even bigger ambitions. So I figured I'd give you a look into my homemade garland, my christmas tree decor and a preview of some of my homemade presents with full DIY present tutorials to follow soon. 

Every christmas I spend my christmas eve with my boyfriend's family and then we head up to Pennsylvania where my family has all moved to spend christmas day with my side.  So on top of this trip I had also decided to craft ALL of my presents.  It seemed like a great idea initially, but reality showed me that I was in over my head.  I barely got everything done in the nic of time. So apologies for my lack of blogging these last few weeks, but I have lots of posts to share with you all in the coming weeks!  But needless to say I got it done and had a lovely christmas!  Hope you all enjoyed your holiday and are ready for an exciting New Years!  

| my lovely tree all adorned with ribbon, flowers and ornaments |

| my boyfriend's, my roommates and my stockings all hung by the chimney with care |

| my bestie and I on xmas eve! |

| the family doggie, my nieces and nephew, my brother and boyfriend |

| my boyfriend and I (trying out one of my new lens that he got me for xmas!) |

| a preview of the homemade organic scrubs and balms I made |

| a preview of polaroid magnets I made. (stay tuned for tutorial, coming soon.) |

| the image transfer candle holders I made. (stay tuned for the full tutorial post coming soon! ) |

| my mom thinks sweets are the key to happiness, so i made her these little jars. |

| filled the jars with dark chocolate covered cherries, dark chocolate marzipan, and dark chocolate raspberries and nonpareils  |

| merry belated christmas from me, my family, and the dalai mama cat !! |


  1. The candle holders look so cute! I'm waiting for the tutorial. It seems you had a wonderful xmas!
    Really cute post!


  2. Happy New Year and all the best ,great decoaration :)


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