North Forkin' Adventures

Galavanting in the fall with my love.
Remember to love each day.

I realze more than ever that the people closet to you, whom you love the most, still need to be reminded of that every so often. You know, I'll admit it.  My boyfriend and I got into a tiff the other night. Sometimes he feels I don't show him enough attention because I'm always occupied with school, work, this blog or one of my billion little projects. I'll have to admit I'm always going a mile minute with a million tasks each week.  I guess I always felt that he is in his career and that he understood that I am doing everything in my power to better myself and get into my dream career field.  He does, but I guess he deserves more of my time. Being the love of my life and all, not like that's a big deal or anything. Seriously though, it's all about compromise. 

I'm going to try to make time more than once a week where we do something that doesn't contain a responsibility or necessity activity.  Days like this where we eat delicious treats and drink a little wine, just us.  Its crucial to the temperament of our relationship. I'm just happy he felt comfortable telling me he felt this way instead of waiting and erupting a battle of epic proportions.  So check out our sweet little day adventure together.  And remember to make a little extra time for your loved ones each week. 

This dress is great and extremely versatile.  It was one of my "keeps" of my summer wardrobe.  I always have a bunch of tops and dresses that I find I can transition to causal fall/winter wear with cute layers. I think I can pull off a lot with this dress and I'm super obsessed with olive this year.

Dresses are great that way, add an extra layer, stockings, boots and a scarf and you have a totally new look.


i'm wearing:

| H&M denim jacket | MOSSIMO dress | EXPRESS scarf |
| H&M knitted tights | MOSSIMO heeled booties |
| PRADA sunglasses | H&M crossbody bag |
| SAKS 5th AVENUE bracelets | CWONDER necklace |


  1. it's no surprise to me that you look gorgeous! xoxo

  2. great scarf
    xo Jessica

  3. Great styling - wouldn't have recognized it at all from your summer dress. The denim jacket and leopard scarf totally transitioned it into a Fall outfit.


  4. Great job on restyling it for fall appropriate. You look pretty. I been married ten years and my husband still needs attention and now my son wants it too.


  5. Thats the thing about life.. Its a good thing he wants attention. I'm sure it feels good
    Defining Me

  6. Great outfit! I love your booties :) xx


  7. I love your outfit dear, so stylish and perfect for the season! Such a great way to make a summer dress appropriate for Winter! Gorgeous scarf and boots. Pretty as always! I totally agree with you, it's important to show the people you love how you are feeling about them.x i love having those king of days with my boyfriend and a nice glass of wine just makes everything better!

  8. Great Transformation
    Love it!

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  10. Thank you for your nice comment ^^

    xx Inès

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  12. Fabulous outfit! You look fantastic and I’m totally loving your fun scarf top paired with these heels. Very classy and stylish!

  13. you look so pretty, this outfit is made for you!
    I like your jacket , scarf and boots....


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