Blue SOULED suede shoes

Menswear Chic
A Casual look in menswear styled shoes.

Still in a bit of whirlwind. I feel like I always have a billion things to do in the same week. All or nothing, baby. I just got back from a childhood friend's baby shower in FLORIDA! Yes, I was in the only place that had 80 degree weather this week, don't hate me too much.  It was glorious.  I'll post soon about the baby Wyatt "Mustache Bash" extravaganza.  Then back to cold New York. 

Although I don't mind the cold too much, I'm getting ready for the winter holidays and some beautiful snow. I've been getting together all my goodies for christmas crafts (which I will post), just got some of my decorations out, finishing finals, and then my dad calls me to tell me that the weekend he wants to visit and come stay at my house is this week.  I love all of these things in all different ways, but maybe not all within the same 4 day span.     

Does anyone else feel like the holidays have really snuck up on us? I can not believe there is only 2 weeks till christmas.

So I apologize for still being a touch behind on my posting. And it may be a little hectic for the rest of this year. Expect daily postings come January to make up for lost time! haha.  I never realized how hard creating and maintaining this blog really was, but I'm trying my best to get all these posts up to date. 

Here is a look I created before my trip, something really casual, yet pulled together (my favorite), and perfect for errands or day to day activities. Another every day look almost completely from Target, oh yes -ballin' on a budget looks good!  

i'm wearing:
| CONVERSE sweatshirt blazer | MOSSIMO zippered blouse |
| TARGET scarf | MOSSIMO shoes | TARGET men's hat |
| MICHAEL KORS watch | SAKS bracelet |

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