Glam Rock Cinderella

A Fashion Fairytale
A little bit of everything- all together and they lived 

I'm  a  sucker for a happy ending- I mean really who doesn't want to root for everyone to win, for it all to work out.  Let the protagonist have the girl, or let underdog get their revenge, and then the whole family drove off into the sunset- we're only human, these hopeful endings feel good to the soul. Usually driven by a little chaos, but can often be just enough crazy to make things interesting and shake out the loose ends just enough to seal the deal.  A little bit of everything can often be a mess, yet sometimes it all works out like this outfit did and so it lived happily ever after.

While, sometimes the perfect tale of adventure has some setbacks or swerves in course.  Welcome to my week, I've been a bad, bad blogger this week!  It has been a week since my last post and I want to try to not let that much time pass again.  I would like to make myself adhere to a rule that I post a minimum of every 3 days.  Although, this being my first few months as a blogger "for reals"- it's been tough.  Living a life of passion, worth and fun while working 2 jobs, getting a business degree, creating beautiful things and having time to write and capture it all here- it ain't easy! Ain't nobody got time for that! But I am certainly nobody, nor anybody else. Just me. The girl who is going to live awesomely and find the time to write about it. What's sleep? 

Summer Air in the Midst

The Ocean looks like a thousand diamonds..
Strewn across a blue blanket- I lean against the wind
Pretend that I am weightless

And in this moment I am happy 

There is nothing more soothing or comforting than a glistening blue horizon with a beautiful sky shining down on you. Soon the hours of each day will be spent soaking up the sun with the wish that "every day could be this great", to be followed by those sort of endlessly warm summer nights with some unforgettable people.  This summer is going to be amazing- amazingly awesome and awesomely busy.  I have so many fun things planned, although my fun and festivities will crammed in between working two jobs, taking two summer session classes and of course trying to keep up with blogging.  This is my last two weeks of unspoken for free time and I am trying to take advantage of each moment.  Despite the necessary chaos- there is so much on the horizon and it all looks so bright!

Little Miss Can't be Wrong

Partying like its 1993.
Brooklyn, Bowling, Beers, Fried Chicken & the Spin Doctors.

Something to do on a random Tuesday, why not? Take the train to Brooklyn, see a 90's throwback for only $15 bucks, bowl and get some fly socks, drink ice cold pitchers of Brooklyn brewery beers, and eat some of the best fried chicken in BK- sounds like a pretty sweet night to me.


 "So keep your head high, keep your chin up, 
and most importantly, keep smiling, 
because life's a beautiful thing 
and there's so much to smile about."

There is beauty in everything, perhaps not on the fresh blacktop of the empty movie theater parking lot.
But regardless, in life Beauty can be found in everything.  People who disbelieve this statement aren't looking deep enough.  It is the little things that need to be cherished like actually having an evening off with my man and enjoying a movie with him.  Or perhaps its that mostly all of this fab outfit is entirely from Target, in other words extremely inexpensive! All except the glasses and the clutch.

I did not become one of the Undead

We came, We saw, We conquered.
Completed the race and kept our brains.

It was a calm sunday morning- until we were running through the woods and abandoned camp grounds from the brain nomming undead just trying to survive!

I did an epic 5k last week. It was an awesome 3.1 miles through a trail in the woods full of climbing obstacles, with 2 mud pits, one swamp, and a few differently placed herds of zombies that are waiting and ready to take your brains, I mean flags.  So how it works is you start the race with a belt with 3 flags on it, similar to flag football- those are your health flags and represent your life and not becoming one of the undead.  

Full mud, sweat, and zombies it was a blast and my team made it out alive!

Steak to die for

Meat rubbed in Coffee, Chocolate and Love
All we need. 

Beer with chocolate, coffee and steak- how can it be bad? It can't.  It is as delicious as it sounds, a little sweet, a little spice and a nice rich finish. haha.  
This has become one of the signature ways my boyfriend and I like to prepare steak and we are becoming pros!  Although, the only thing we beg to differ with each other is how to pair it. I love steak and red wine, but he likes to pair it with the same stout we marinate it in.  The choice is yours.
With a few different variations of process and coffees, I think we have decided on our favorite.  These photos are from one of our first attempts, therefore after more experience  we discovered the Starbucks Estima blend was good but almost too pungent.  I personally liked doing it with the expresso best. 

So here it is, and as I explain on my "noms" page, I make all of this stuff up and don't measure anything.  I eye it and these measurements are adapted to the best of my ability.

On the Right Track

It does not matter how slowly you go-
-So Long as  you do not stop.

Some people just wake up and know exactly what they want to be and who they are supposed to become, while others take their time. 

For me I have always known what I wanted and what I would become, I just wanted to take the scenic route to get there. I always called it character building.  I find the people who jumped right into a career path are usually extremely boring or end up hating whatever they thought they wanted to begin with.  Some of the most interesting people are still soul searching at 30- it's okay to be a late bloomer. 

T-Shirt Chic

Black and White.
Fit for a Queen.

White Pants and a blazer are one of my ultimate go-to looks of spring,  especially when paired with a great t-shirt like this super cool Freddy Mercury one.

This is actually a very simple look, but I feel like the white pants and the cut of the blazer make this a sleek version of what I would like to call the casual tux.

An Evening of Memorable Posh Punk

The 2013 Met Gala
Chaos to Couture: My Favorites and my not so Favorable. 
Or Shall I say Couture to Chaos?

When art and fashion come together, all thats missing is some music and I'm in love. Oh wait, this year's theme was punk! Sickkkkk, I'm in love.  I was super ecstatic to see what would be turning out for this year with punks influence on fashion being the theme. I mean I'm always excited for the Costume Institute's Met Gala.  But seriously though, what else could the theme be, Punk hasn't trended like it has this year since the Sid & Nancy era.  There was so absolutely fabulous influences as well as some positively scary attempts.  Get more info here.    

Spring Beauty Blossoms

Old Hollywood Glamour meets the Safari
Mixing the unconventional.

Spring is in bloom! The trees are blossoming and so is all the fabulousness that has been cooped up all winter. My first time wearing cropped pants of the season- Whoo-Hooo!
Why hello, Long Island Summer. I see you in the distance and you looking as ravishing as ever.

One thing all north and south fork Long Islanders are used to in the change of season is the opening of all the great seasonal stores and restaurants all over the Hamptons. Each spring there is always something new to fall in love with.  I recently discovered a great new store this season located in Southampton, which is where I got the incredible geode druzy necklace I am wearing. It was purchased at the newly premiered store: C Wonder, by the sea.

Sunshine Through My Window.

Little Sunflower.
Hello, beautiful- I'm ready for summer already!

I feel that lately all my outfits have been super causal, because I've been so low-key.  As I've said in past posts, the everyday doesn't need to be boring and it also doesn't need to try too hard.  I like to remain pulled together, but always comfortable.

Mint Candy Apple

Pastels & Neon
The green game - in it to win it.

Just a little look at my nails from last week.  I've been switching up my accent nails and doing the index and ring finger on one hand and the thumb and ring finger on the other. I think its a good balance of funkiness without it looking like it does not match, because that ish doesn't fly around here. 

Oh hello, My 100 Beautiful Followers!

Thank-you so much for all your support. 
Words can not express how thankful and ecstatic I am. 

I began this blog around last August and I had no idea what I was doing, I only made a few posts and was in way over my head at that point. Then in September when I started going crazy with school, two jobs, and life I had no time to manage an ill-formatted blog and wanted to wait till I got a better camera.  I was then forced to go on a hiatus, which unfortunately lasted until this past March when I started back up.

So, I was at it again, this time with a new approach-  I added some of my back dated events and festivities from over the past few months, that I had missed while on on hiatus and began working diligently every day on this blog.  I changed my layout, formated how I would fit shooting my outfits into life, and tried to be more organized about my whole approach.  I also became a lucky contributor and just joined bloglovin' and lookbook as well.  But I still know I have much to learn and hope for so much more growth.

I continue making adjustments and trying to branch out. I finally added a Google Friend Connector so readers could follow "icantaffordmylifestyle" more regularly at the end of March.  I wanted to see if I could get 100 followers by May 1st- giving myself the full month. Now thanks to all of you, I MADE IT.  Due to all of your support I have 100 followers in a month and I owe it to each and everyone of you. 

I have much work still ahead of me, its always a growing process, but I am excited for the future and happy to meet so many other creative souls.  

Again, I Thank-You ALL.  

So that being said, 
I wanted to show you all a little preview 
of my fun things and some beautiful things 
to be looking out for within the next few months.