I did not become one of the Undead

We came, We saw, We conquered.
Completed the race and kept our brains.

It was a calm sunday morning- until we were running through the woods and abandoned camp grounds from the brain nomming undead just trying to survive!

I did an epic 5k last week. It was an awesome 3.1 miles through a trail in the woods full of climbing obstacles, with 2 mud pits, one swamp, and a few differently placed herds of zombies that are waiting and ready to take your brains, I mean flags.  So how it works is you start the race with a belt with 3 flags on it, similar to flag football- those are your health flags and represent your life and not becoming one of the undead.  

Full mud, sweat, and zombies it was a blast and my team made it out alive!

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