An Evening of Memorable Posh Punk

The 2013 Met Gala
Chaos to Couture: My Favorites and my not so Favorable. 
Or Shall I say Couture to Chaos?

When art and fashion come together, all thats missing is some music and I'm in love. Oh wait, this year's theme was punk! Sickkkkk, I'm in love.  I was super ecstatic to see what would be turning out for this year with punks influence on fashion being the theme. I mean I'm always excited for the Costume Institute's Met Gala.  But seriously though, what else could the theme be, Punk hasn't trended like it has this year since the Sid & Nancy era.  There was so absolutely fabulous influences as well as some positively scary attempts.  Get more info here.    

Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning in Dior.  I love the intricate detailing of this dress and am a sucker for a netted veil.  She is simply beautiful.  At first I felt I would hav loved this dress more with a mermaid silhouette instead, but the more I look at it the more it just works.   

Sexiest rock couple. They don't even have to try.  This would look retarded on almost anyone else except them.  Gwen and Gavin kill it: Perfect Punk Couture.  Gwen's two piece ensemble is by Maison Martin Margiela. 

Miranda Kerr in Michael Kors and looks like it was made for her with her fab Christan Louboutin clutch. I adore the retro hollywood meets punk couture. Well done!  

James King rocking the lady tuxedo hard.  This is something that is either so on or so off.  In a world where women are expected  to wear a gown,  a pants look bet be something awesome.  She succeeds in this awesome number by Topshop.   

Living up to SJP's fashion forward reputation built by Carrie Bradshaw,  she does not disappoint! If any one can pull of an insane headdress it would def be this lady. I absolutely adore the Giles Deacon gown she is wearing and how she plays the LV boots with it and that mowhawk-esque headdress by Treacy Philip.   

What a fabulous woman little miss Dakota Fanning has grown into.  She blows away the model in this Rodarte dress. A little Hollwood mixed with some fine punk couture for a seamless result.

Love Anne Hathaway and she looks stunning with her edgy bleached hair- I love it with the vintage Valentino Gown she is wearing.  Although I would love this dress more if it didn't have the fur on the sleeves.

This is a bit more chic hollywood than a lot of the other selections.  I feel I just love the way it looks on Kirsten Dunst.  It's as if this Louis Vuitton gown was made solely for her.  The colors are perfection on her and I love the fade with the pattern.  

And falling a little short from fabulous:

Oh Madonna. Everyone loves you, stop trying so hard.  We all wished the material girl used a little more material here. Madonna doing Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy so wrong.

Kanye with his lovely Floral couch, I mean Kim Kardashian.  Like seriously? It looks like grandma sewed this from early 90's couch covers. I hate that she is wearing gloves also, its awful. Again, Riccardo Tisci.

I will say Nikki Minaj's makeup is flawless, however I just feel like she doesn't look pulled together at all.  The lines and color of the dress are ok, but that little tail on the front of it make it look unfinished.  She epic-ly fails in this Tommy Hilfiger gown with her 80's Hair band doo.  

So she wins People's most beautiful person and then wears this awful Matel Barbie gown?  Honestly I hate the whole thing.  The sheer panel, the color, god awful color, and the cheerleader pony and powder pink lipstick. 

The best of my unfavorites would be this Stella McCartney number which I was so on the fence about because there is something so sleek and cool about the silhouette and the studded belt.  However, I feel all together with the hair and Cameron's look it is way too matronly.  It looks 15 years too old for her and I feel it makes her look like a 65 year woman who loves her botox. 

What do love and what did you think was awful?

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