Summer Air in the Midst

The Ocean looks like a thousand diamonds..
Strewn across a blue blanket- I lean against the wind
Pretend that I am weightless

And in this moment I am happy 

There is nothing more soothing or comforting than a glistening blue horizon with a beautiful sky shining down on you. Soon the hours of each day will be spent soaking up the sun with the wish that "every day could be this great", to be followed by those sort of endlessly warm summer nights with some unforgettable people.  This summer is going to be amazing- amazingly awesome and awesomely busy.  I have so many fun things planned, although my fun and festivities will crammed in between working two jobs, taking two summer session classes and of course trying to keep up with blogging.  This is my last two weeks of unspoken for free time and I am trying to take advantage of each moment.  Despite the necessary chaos- there is so much on the horizon and it all looks so bright!

The truth of it all, though- is that I don't mind being a little hectic and keeping busy. I rather prefer it.  I suppose it keeps me out of trouble, or shall I say keeps me from spending as much money as I could and I can barely afford my lifestyle with the limited time I have. And with this time I need to get things done, I do enjoy the scenic route, but there is a time and place for the wandering path. Timing is always everything.

That being said, I have a list.  I'm a little nutty about organization and I love making lists to assure efficiency and sometimes timing, so of course I have a list for what I need to accomplish this summer.

There is much on my summer list and only three months to do it in! I suppose I should narrow it down a little.

So here it is. Ahem, What to be accomplished- Number: 1. Begin to add my art to this blog- I want to post some of my past art work- as well as current progression pieces. 2. Work hard and make lots of money. 3.  Read at least two good novels while sitting on the beach (ah, the glory of working nights!)  4. Finally, begin introducing different paint mediums into my art style!(Gulp! Nervously excited!)  5. Get ill grades, especially in the accounting class that is going to pain me. 6. Try to save Money! 7. But still Enjoy every Moment. And last, but not least: 8. I would like to try to get 500 followers by the fall.
I have so many things planned and so much adventure in the midst and I'm excited to share my journey with you all.
Does anyone else have a hefty summer to do list?

Mossimo: Sweater // H&M: Cobalt Button-Down // Rave: White Pants
// Merona: Belt // Michael Kors: Watch // C Wonder: Druzy Necklace 
// Michael Kors: Bedford Bag // Michael Kors: Strappy Wedges 

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