Glam Rock Cinderella

A Fashion Fairytale
A little bit of everything- all together and they lived 

I'm  a  sucker for a happy ending- I mean really who doesn't want to root for everyone to win, for it all to work out.  Let the protagonist have the girl, or let underdog get their revenge, and then the whole family drove off into the sunset- we're only human, these hopeful endings feel good to the soul. Usually driven by a little chaos, but can often be just enough crazy to make things interesting and shake out the loose ends just enough to seal the deal.  A little bit of everything can often be a mess, yet sometimes it all works out like this outfit did and so it lived happily ever after.

While, sometimes the perfect tale of adventure has some setbacks or swerves in course.  Welcome to my week, I've been a bad, bad blogger this week!  It has been a week since my last post and I want to try to not let that much time pass again.  I would like to make myself adhere to a rule that I post a minimum of every 3 days.  Although, this being my first few months as a blogger "for reals"- it's been tough.  Living a life of passion, worth and fun while working 2 jobs, getting a business degree, creating beautiful things and having time to write and capture it all here- it ain't easy! Ain't nobody got time for that! But I am certainly nobody, nor anybody else. Just me. The girl who is going to live awesomely and find the time to write about it. What's sleep? 

I feel like there is so much to be aware of while trying to create a successful happy blog, I'm still trying to perfect my flow of posting and my photography as a whole- really just tweak it all.  Though, I realize it is a gradual process. Sometimes, I wish I had a fairy godmother that could shake a little wand and "poof" perfection- then on the other side: I realize that I don't want anything to turn back into a pumpkin.  Anything beautiful that I create, enjoy or live I want it to be real. My blog no different, I want it flourish do to my hard work and dedication.  And I'm so incredibly flattered that you all like what you are finding here and I hope you enjoy watching my journey to eventual greatness!

So about the look, I literally threw it together in 5 minutes to go see a movie one evening last week.  I was running late as usual and my love was rushing me to hurry up and then I walk down our stairs in this.  His gently shook his head for how close were cutting it in time to be quickly followed by his trademark smirk of outfit approval made me return his smile, as my eyes read, "worth the wait- eh?"

 I wanted to be comfortable so I grabbed a t-shirt, but I didn't feel like the confinement of jeans.  This high-low ombre style skirt is great, its like wearing a sheet, looks fab and was inexpensively from Target! This look is my usual combination of Target, Inexpensive goods (H&M, F21), and a little designer goodies with one of my signature deconstructed men's t-shirt and my newest structured "sweatshirt" blazer.  I loving mixing the untraditional.         

Converse: "Sweatshirt" Blazer // H&M: Men's T-shirt // Michael Kors: Studded Belt
// Mossimo: Ombre Skirt // Bracelets (1 from Saks,  2 from Target) //
Stuart Weitzman: Aluminum Gladio Sandal // F21: Studded Coin Box Bag

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