Pink Lemonade

Bright and Sweet
Something refreshing for summer!

A more recent nail bed masterpiece in my signature leopard.  The truth is I like sticking to this easy design and work on creating cool new color combinations. I used a Essie Tart Deco and Sally Hansen Express-o Yellow nail polishes.  I'm quite happy with the sort of pink lemonade color scheme as the result.

I also find it extremely ironic that I took this photo over laptop and it seems this is a very familiar perspective of my view.  Staring at the top of my hands over a keyboard.  Started my summer session class this week and having been transitioning back into my fitness routine, after a few months hiatus, and of course working.  Last week I went to Webster Hall in the city to see High Contrast, one of my old school favorite DJs and then went back in, but to the Bronx and Queens on Sunday for my childhood best friend's daughter's christening, then going upstate New York with my boyfriend for the Spartan Race this weekend.  Had a crazy week and it's just getting busier.

Good things to come.   

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