Sometimes I forget that I was actually born in another country.  It doesn't really change anything except geography. At the end of the day I am just American.  I've always been not only an American, but a proud New Yorker.  

Hampton's Vice

Summer is here! Beaches, the sun, hot temperatures and summer fashion are afoot and living in the locale that I do, the regular 't-shirt and shorts' routine just won't cut it some days. Don't get me wrong - I frequently rock shorts and a tee, but that doesn't really mean you…


Summer is the season for concerts, it is also when I tend to loose track of this blog.  Though I will say this whole year has made it difficult to stay up on my blog. This time last year was filled with great concerts right before my first year at my dream school in an accelerated design project.  I found that I just didn't have enough hours in a day and that living a life worth living takes all your time and teaches you to live on minimal sleep.