Sometimes I forget that I was actually born in another country.  It doesn't really change anything except geography. At the end of the day I am just American.  I've always been not only an American, but a proud New Yorker.  

I grew up proud to be part of a place that stood for freedom, equality, and the ability to be and believe what you want. The supposed melting pot of so many cultures, beliefs, dreams, beauties, and hope. Though as of late, we continue to advance technologically while, somehow we digress socially and morally. 

Every day every newsfeed fills our brain with something face-palm worthy, infuriating, or even tear drawing with every scroll or channel flip.  The land of the free they said. Apparently, free to f*ck it all up. 

And thats all I will say about that, because: 'Murica. We have been taught it is impolite to discuss politics and religion, all the while we are aided to backhandedly do something that is extreme in one direction or the other.  

WHAT | i'm wearing

B&L RAY BAN | vintage 60's sunglasses

MANGO | dress

BAUBLE BAR | arrow necklace

C WONDER | chevron ring

H&M | hat

C WONDER | sandals