Brooklyn Mermaid

Growing up on the East End of Long Island, I need to be near the water.  I'm used to the salt air and open space, though that is sort of what I gave up to live in Brooklyn.  I got something totally different and full of its own beauty. I always find a way to swim through. 

Navigating this year has been a journey.  The scenic route has a lot to offer, but time is of greater value than I've ever appreciated.  Every day this becomes more and more relevant.  So I'm trying to be airy and lighter, I want to swim gracefully.  Another big year is looming and this mermaid is ready. Well almost, after a few more beach days of course.       

         I enjoy mixing frill and funk or chic and punk
          I         w o u l d          s a y        i t          i s         m y      s i g n a t u r e.  
       As my fiancé said, Coco Chanel meets Punk Rock.  This look,  I took to a 
   more toned down version, but there will always be something about an ultra-fem 
       midi skirt and a cotton tee. This kind of look with a clean streamlined shoe 
        will always be a sweet pairing.  

what i'm  |  WEARING :

H&M | starfish cotton sleeveless tee

FRANCESCA'S | lace skirt

ZARA | pearl choker

MICHAEL KORS | hand bag

Fantastic Photography by Juliet Rose

|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :