LIFESTYLE | NOFO craft beer bbq & wine festival

Christmas Morning for Beer Enthusiasts everywhere. 
The Annual NOFO Beer Fest

Every year this magical day seems to always gleam with sunshine, more beers than one could possibly consume in a day and a chance to meet some great people. 

The event has everything from down-homestyle BBQ, hand-rolled cigars, fresh beef jerky, beer paraphernalia, drunken bear hugs and of course great beer. The event is orchestrated by Starfish Junction's team and this year was hosted at Peconic Bay Vineyards in Cutchogue, New York. 

It's a great event, I try to never miss it. Though this year was special because I got to interview a few different brew families to get the latest pour. 

LIFESTYLE | City Frolicking and the Latest Shopping Haul

Manhattan Adventuring with the Best Friend, 
And Updating the Wardrobe.

Soon enough, Erin and I won't have to travel an hour to walk these streets. We will finally be moving from the Hampton countryside to the concrete jungle of lights and dreams.  Until then I will get my fix through frolicking through the Village, Gramercy and then through Park.  Along the way we stopped at a few Vintage shops, H&M, Zara, and the Gramercy Project. We gallivanted and found ourselves feeling quite at home and after dinner when we felt as if we should hit the C train home to Brooklyn, but instead we head to Penn Station to head back to the island.  

So check out some random captures from the day, what I wore to adventure the city and most importantly what I purchased on my shopping haul.  These purchases are quite possibly one of the reasons I am actually excited for summer to end. One of the few: fall fashion. 

BEAUTY | beach bum

My Beach Bag Essentials
Basking in the last rays of the season in Westhampton Beach.

As the summer is, dare I say it: nearing the end - we all want to get our last doses of vitamin-d and to soak up all the sun we can before the seasons change.  Now, don't get me wrong, I never complain about the nights getting colder or the colder seasons.  I love them all, but that does not mean it is ever any easier saying good-bye to that sun-kissed skin and the warm ocean breeze each year. 

So with that being said I want to share my summer beauty basic essentials with a few photos at one of my favorite beaches, Cupsogue in Westhampton Beach. I wish I got there more this summer, but it has been one of my busiest summers yet.  I guess I'm a big girl now. ;)  

DAILY OUTFIT | new yorker in the country

Pennsylvania meadows, mountains, and farms -oh my.
a short and sweet family visit.

All of my immediate family lives in another state than I do, I couldn't see myself leaving New York permanently, really ever.  Its tough having the people you grew up with live so far.  Though I've come to the realization that it too is part of growing older.  Your family will always be there, but you will also make and create new families -and that's okay. 
They will still always be there, even if it is different, and more importantly the moments of childhood will forever remain encapsulated in time.  

So besides spending quality time with each part of my family, I enjoyed a day out with Aaron, walked around the Market Streets (what they call their main streets) and found a blush wine with my name.     

Food & Fashion | Date Night at ParaBell Food Bar

The dawn of pre-dinner cocktails and the end of pregaming a night out-
Just a Quiet Night.

Oh, you know just cocktails at the bar before dinner, the three courses of dinner -with wine, and then happily heading home to hang around the house with a movie, more wine, and there may also be a pint of Steve's or Ben and Jerry's ice cream involved. 

It is the realization that your early and mid-twenties are over. Is this where we say goodbye to the red cups? Or do we just seem to gradually whip out the beer pong, flip cup tables, and the assemblance of midnight tequila shots -simply less often. I think I prefer the latter.  You are only as old as you feel. So please, do us all a favor: remember to grow up, but don't ever forget that moment you hit the last cup in beer pong on a gentleman's shot that one night All those young moments when your heart was light and you felt in a moment that you are infinite.  
So Perabell, it's a cute little spot on Main Street in Patchogue.  I must say this little food bar is becoming one of my favorite low key dinner spots. They always have great seasonal food and drink specials and you can't beat the price point. They usually have great beers on tap and they change them often. Check out their menu here.