DAILY OUTFIT | new yorker in the country

Pennsylvania meadows, mountains, and farms -oh my.
a short and sweet family visit.

All of my immediate family lives in another state than I do, I couldn't see myself leaving New York permanently, really ever.  Its tough having the people you grew up with live so far.  Though I've come to the realization that it too is part of growing older.  Your family will always be there, but you will also make and create new families -and that's okay. 
They will still always be there, even if it is different, and more importantly the moments of childhood will forever remain encapsulated in time.  

So besides spending quality time with each part of my family, I enjoyed a day out with Aaron, walked around the Market Streets (what they call their main streets) and found a blush wine with my name.     

| i'm wearing :

CONVERSE | knit sweater

ZARA | leather skort

C WONDER | leopard sandals

BORN PRETTY | tribal bib necklace


RAY BAN | vintage 60's sunglasses

| Spyglass Ridge Winery, Pennsylvania 

|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :

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