Food & Fashion | Date Night at ParaBell Food Bar

The dawn of pre-dinner cocktails and the end of pregaming a night out-
Just a Quiet Night.

Oh, you know just cocktails at the bar before dinner, the three courses of dinner -with wine, and then happily heading home to hang around the house with a movie, more wine, and there may also be a pint of Steve's or Ben and Jerry's ice cream involved. 

It is the realization that your early and mid-twenties are over. Is this where we say goodbye to the red cups? Or do we just seem to gradually whip out the beer pong, flip cup tables, and the assemblance of midnight tequila shots -simply less often. I think I prefer the latter.  You are only as old as you feel. So please, do us all a favor: remember to grow up, but don't ever forget that moment you hit the last cup in beer pong on a gentleman's shot that one night All those young moments when your heart was light and you felt in a moment that you are infinite.  
So Perabell, it's a cute little spot on Main Street in Patchogue.  I must say this little food bar is becoming one of my favorite low key dinner spots. They always have great seasonal food and drink specials and you can't beat the price point. They usually have great beers on tap and they change them often. Check out their menu here.

| I'm wearing : 

MOSSIMO | crop top

H&M | pencil skirt

BORN PRETTY | necklace 

BCBG | clutch

STUART WEITZMAN | alex wedges 

RAY BAN | '60s vintage sunglasses

C WONDER | bracelet 

Muddled Cucumber and ginger with Hendrick's gin, fresh lemon juice and a rosemary sprig. 

Eggplant Napolean 

Crab, Lobster and Clam Chowder

Bourbon glazed Pork Loin over a cranberry and apple bread pudding.

Gorgonzola Crustef Flat Iron Steak over onion hashed potatoes. 

|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :


  1. great outfit, your skirt is awesome:)

  2. Nice outfit..the food looks yum too :)

  3. You look chic girl, I really like your skirt
    Have a great week

  4. I am so so so in love with this outfit! The skirt is so pretty with the different colors:) And as always, your hair is amazing! Anyway, I hope you had a fun date night although from the food, it would seem so.
    xo Olivia

  5. You are so pretty! The necklace is my favorite part, it gives the outfit such a unique vibe. Haha and as someone who will be entering my 20's soon, you now have me looking forward to some good beer pong and tequila shots ;p By the way, these food pictures made me HUNGRY!
    xoxo Rachel

  6. Beautiful job! I just love this skirt and you styled it perfectly with your wedges and necklace. Such a flattering look on you!

  7. Beautiful look girl! That skirt is so pretty. And that food looks so yummy!!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style


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