Prepster Fresh

The Fresh Princess of Long Island
Meets Carlton Banks- In when Funkster goes Preppy .

Personally, I feel that a sense of style is something a person comes to terms with on their own- not because a fashion magazine said thats what is in this season.  That is what separates stylish people and trendy people.  Like anything- be in it for the cause, not the popularity.  I'm not always on the trend wagon, but have love for the current. I enjoy finding pieces I like and putting them together in an unconventional way and sometimes those pieces are on trend and sometimes they are not.   

I sort of despise when people say things like, "Oh I like that, but its not my style."  I don't believe in that sort of thing, I feel if you like it- then it is your style. The style part comes in on how you piece together the item in your own wardrobe. 

I have experimented with many different styles, but preppy is not usually my cup of tea.  Although I have recently found a great love affair in collared shirts with sweaters.  There is something so casual and polished about the look.

Whenever I wear this color green it always reminds me of one of my all-time favorite shows: the Fresh Price of BelAire.  Okay, okay- stop heating up right now, you know that show is a classic and will always be hysterical!  Lets just say I have Seasons 1-4 on DVD and we'll leave it at that. Regardless I felt this look was very Will meets Carlton.

H&M-L.O.G.G: Button Down Shirt // Mossimo: Green Sweater // Levi's: Jeans //
Dolce Vita for target: Wedges // Louis Vuitton: Monogram Speedy 30 // 
Prada: Sunglasses // Birdcage Necklace (Claire's) // 
Neon Green Bracelet (Target) // Beaded Bracelet (bought @ an art fair) //    
Michael Kors: White and Gold Watch //

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