Army GRRrreen

Stuck in the Suburban Jungle.

New York City is the most fabulous area in NY.  
Long Island runs a far second, 
and eastern Long Island a closer second and nothing else matters. 
In the opinion of most, but not all.  

Although, the eastern side of the island (being the north and south forks) are the more beautiful parts of long island, even safe to say the more chic.  Less commercial eyesores and more lovely main streets with shops and privately owned cafes and boutiques. 
Despite its renowned reputation and all the fine restaurants, vineyards, beaches, pies, farm-stands, waterfront venues and large amounts of tourists- it is still suburbia. 

That being said I can't always dress as fab as I'd like if I lived in a big city, which would call for head to toe chic-glam everyday, you never know when you could meet destiny.  
While out here, people tend to dress all the same- for the most part. 
If you are dressed-to-the-nines prepare for the stares.
Let 'em stare.
For more low-key days I like to take a fun or bold detail to incorporate it into a casual look. 
Such as a leopard trim or a flashy pair of flats. 
Remember, the everyday never has to be boring. 

Mossimo: Sweater // Hip: Blouse (TJMAXX) // H&M: Olive Skinnys 
// Mia: Glam Flats // Boot Necklace (Claire's)
 // Mossimo: Army Tote Purse  

ENTIRE LOOK for $80.

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