Tomorrow Never Knows

But listen to the colour of your dreams
In B&W: you never know, follow your dreams and live every moment.

I am rarely ever a B&W sort of person though. I tend to live in technicolor- or often the gray area; just usually never strictly nor simply B&W. The unconventional has just always been more fun.  Sometimes its better to not choose and simply to: just BE. Life is too short to live in the B&W, we need color, imagination and life.  It's okay to not have an answer or do it the unconventional way, as long as its your way. In life it is better to break out of the B&W mold and color in your own lines. 

Except when it comes to clothing, well and the truth.  
There is something that is so effortlessly chic 
and simultaneously cool about the two anti-color colors.
B&W may have gone technicolor, but will always prevail 
in fashion as a  C l a s s i c.  

Here I am rocking my favorite broken t-shirt with the cover art from the Beatle's album "Revolver"(1966). Its one of H&M's men's t-shirts, they make some really great screened tees. 
Most of my ultimate favorite t-shirts are men's H&M shirts and practically all of them were men's shirts until I chop, crop, and make 'em ready to rock & be awesome.  
I have a ridiculous t-shirt collection and in all honesty I love them as much, 
if not more than my fine silk blouses.    

Merona:Black Sweater // H&M: White Button down shit // H&M: Men's Revolver T-Shirt
// H&M: Studded Pants // Charles Philip:White Sugar Skull Flats 
// Feather Bracelet (target) //beaded bracelet (small boutique) 
// Ray Ban: B&W Rounded Cat-Eye Sunglasses 

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