rockin' the 90's

Well, what can I say. Life has been so great, I haven't even had time to blog it. So with the close of summer, I will try to showcase all of the awesome that has been my summer. Starting with this show. I got see two bands I loved in high school: Reel Big Fish and Less than Jake. 

I was always such a little punk rock kid at heart, and doesn't ska just go along with that. Who doesn't love a little brass with their punk. So in slew of that I decided to dress a little punky with some 90s flair. I will forever be stuck a bit in the 90's what can I say. 

floral romper

The older and older we get, it seems summer slips away in a blink. Well, I blinked. I'm finally getting my summer adventures up with a few outfits and it's over already. 

changing my life and my look

It's been a while guys, so much has changed.  Starting with my hair. In honor of chopping off all my hair and becoming a blonde, I've decided to take you down a stroll through my sometimes questionable hair fashion over the years.

mixing pattern with rocksbox

I have been on-the-go all summer, literally living out of my suitcase.  It has it's challenges, but overall, I love the pleasantly chaotic lifestyle.

I am writing this while on the train headed back out to the East End from my Brooklyn apartment. I've been trying to make good use out of my travel time and get everything back on track, so to speak. You see what I did there? Oh yes.

So in my blogging absence, I have had one good experience, after another with the company Rocksbox. And I feel everyone should check it out!

It's a monthly jewelry borrowing program where you get to borrow and wear pieces curated by a stylist based on your personally selected wish list. Not to mention they have all the latest and hottest jewlery designers, such as House of Harlow and Kendra Scott.

Then you simply mail them back and receive three new items in return. Though, if you fall in love, which I will warn you, it will happen: you can buy the item(s) at their special 'members only' price. 

It's a no brainier, truly a win-win all around! So, to sweeten the deal. Sign up at and get ONE MONTH FREE if you use my code: Cassandradotzelxoxo


I'm not trying to get skinny,
I'm trying to get ready to take on the world.
Being fit and healthy is more than a hobby or a fad.  It is a lifestyle,  a lifestyle that I've been trying to be more consistent with. I haven't hopped aboard the crazy fitness fad train, but I have been trying to keep up with a steady regime of a workout routine,  eating a little better (without sacrificing flavor), and just generally trying to take better care of my body. 
So I have compiled some of the typical things I eat and my favorite at home yoga videos, I try to keep these in my life daily with green tea supplements, and a good attitude. 

Green Tea has a lot of great health benefits including: improving brain function, increases fat burning, and help you lose weight, as well as helping to promote brain health, diminish risks of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.  

In other words, you should be adding green tea to your diet and daily to your life.  Otherwise, you will probably die a horrible death. Kidding, sort of.  

Check out some of my daily health habits and feel free to tell me some of yours in the comments. 

I'm back.


keep it simple

With just enough flair.

I put my twist on pretty much everything I can, I just like to add my own flair. Though there is a fine line between a little flair and going overboard.  Hats, leopard, gold chains, trenchcoats; a few things that I happen to love, but can be overkill real fast. The key is balance the flashy pop items with more neutral or subdued, chic pieces. 


I don't really do boring.
I usually only know one way and it's balls to the wall. 

So when I choose to make a "simple" dinner it is still usually something interesting. I had random groceries filling my refrigerator and I decided to throw together the fastest stuffed chicken served over a tomato and mozzarella risotto, and a toasted garlic kale. 

Stuffed chicken is sort of my specialty -I make a mean stuffed chicken cordon bleu; ricotta, sundried tomato, and spinach stuffed; marsala sauce and mushroom stuffed; and even bacon stuffed.  All of these are usually breaded or egg battered -completely delicious and a total ordeal to make.

These days, I don't have as much time to dedicate to these elaborate dishes.  To compromise, I simplified the process.  I chose one stuffing, the MOST important one : the cheese. Duh.  Nixed the breading and voila -simplified but still full of flavor.  Check it out, you'll be surprised at how easy it is. Do it.     

bohemian rhapsody

Is this the real life -Is this just a fantasy?

It all seems too good to be true.  I feel like I'm in the midst of getting everything I've ever dreamed of. In a couple of weeks I will finally be moving to the City (sort of, really who can afford manhattan these days), I've found real love, and I'm finally going to give my everything to make my dreams happen.  It is now, or never.  

I'm still anxiously awaiting a certain acceptance letter while packing up my life for a new adventure. Ten years ago I had wanted to move to the city, but I still thought I was lost.  It took me years to realize I was never lost, I just needed to wander until my soul realized that. Instead I continued to move around the east end of Long Island, only to move to Connecticut, then to an island in the Caribbean, back to the Hamptons, and now to Brooklyn.      

So bare with me, while my posting has been very sporadic these last couple months and will probably continue to be for a little while.  Though brace yourself, bigger and better things are coming.

quite 'ze engagement soiree

As most of you know by now, I am an engaged woman. It has been one grand adventure, these past six years and it seems to only be getting better. Two months ago we finally had our big engagement soiree and we couldn't of been more pleased.  Since, we plan on waiting a while to officially tie the knot -we threw one big, ridiculously awesome party to celebrate our love instead. We had to do something full of love and extravagance, just as we are together, in order to properly commemorate something as pure as real love. To do this, we decided to throw one hell of a party -and that we did. Follow our story here.

Before the bubbly, the laughs, the sparkles, and the celebration -comes the planning. Invitations can be so overwhelming, but Wedding Paper Divas really helps simplify one aspect of your planning. WPD offers vast selection of fresh designs at a super affordable price-point while upholding to standards of style.  On their website you can customize every facet from the array of luxe paper textures, formats, trim options, and even add your own photo or design.  I chose the traditional style matte card-stock with rounded trim and I opted to upload my own photo to one of their great premade designs. You are able to order sample designs for FREE hereby using the code 'FREETRY'.  I also loved that besides everything being customizable you can even consult with a designer before your invites go to print.  I would definitely consider using their invitations for my bridal shower and other festivities when I am ready!

A touch of Old Hollywood Flair -
with the Invitations to match.

Speakeasy Bars, Indian Food, & My Birthday

Secret Hideaways, Craft Cocktails,  
& Entering a new age of my 20's.

Last month, I celebrated another birthday. Another St Paddy's Day, or St. Cassie's Day as some of my friends say -though I didn't partake in the usual shenanigans this year --though I still wore green, I avidly avoided the masses of green and chaos. This year was different than any other year had been, this year I actually did feel older.  

So I decided to keep it more low key with close friends and just partake in a few things I love: city adventure, fine food, and craft cocktails.  Take a peek into my day and all the fabulous places we went, now enter my new obsessions with speakeasy themed bars and my continued obsession with being fabulous.   


Your Daily Caffeine,
delivered to your door every month!

A brand launched for the coffee-addicts who wanted a little variety in their life, rather than same old generic cup of coffee.  MixCups take the simple desire of convenience with a carefully selected variation of coffees and give you a simple easy door to door service, that even makes a great gift. 

The 30-pack is $29, the 10-pack is $11, and the 60-pack is $55 for a an array of gourmet coffees carefully picked to reflect your favorite flavour complexities.  Check out their website and order up your first month.  Morning is already hard sometimes, don't make it any tougher on yourself!  

So, on that note -you work hard.  You deserve a treat, we all do.  So how about a delicious iced coffee float that is also lactose free for those who care about that sort of thing. 

My Bestie's Dirty 30 with Claude Von Stroke

My clubbin' years have long passed -I'm more of a cool bar, hip lounge, concert sort of girl these days. Although, I definitely used to go into the city every weekend when I was around 19, but that train has long left the station.  Dance till I drop with cool beats, but forced to deal with huge crowds of sweaty men and pushy girls has a certain shelf life, which for me has expired, but I always enjoy a good night out. 

Though celebrating 30 years for the man himself, my bestie Rob is bound to be quite the night. So we went in to see Claude Von Stroke laye some dirty beats.  We danced, indulged in entirely too much alcohol, and then I got up super early the next morning for a baby shower -oh hello, I'm a grown up now.    

5 Things

March's five little things,

just get up & live.

I always love this month, I'm a little biased of course.  Not only is it my birthday month, it begins spring -well it is supposed to, but it also means festivities and fun will commence as soon as the snow melts. 

These next two months are going to be perfectly organized chaos. Erin and I have been preparing for our big move and yet another striding leap towards our dreams and passions.

So take a look at our monthly five little relevant things from our month.  This is real life and this is our time. Ah, here it goes.   



The Simplest Breakfast,
for a Busy Lifestyle.

We've been told our whole lives that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many of us actually do eat a balanced and nutritious breakfast every morning. A cup of coffee taken black like your soul, does not count and that banana as you are sprinting out the door barely counts. 

I'm sort of a grown up now, I even meal prep and organize for my week now.  Let me tell you, these overnight oats and muffin tin frittatas have made breakfast a breeze.  Overnight oats is like if breakfast and dessert combined with oatmeal in a sweet chilled pudding.  It's awesome -do it.

Bush's 20th Anniversary of Sixteen Stone

Two words: Gavin Rossdale.
That is all.

You know you are old when you become stuck in your ways with music.  I can't help it, I absolutely hate the "hit" radio stations now. I will forever be stuck in previous eras of musical evolution, my love for the 60's and 70's music is deep.  Though the 90's have always turned me into such a groupie, or as Penny Lane would say : "a band-aid; the ultimate fan who keeps the music together"(Almost Famous). Though I do believe, it was the music -that kept me together. 

I had said years ago that I wanted to see all the bands I had loved as an angsty little teenage and had never gotten to see, I'm really zoning in on that list now. The Offspring (check!); The Smashing Pumpkins (yaaahss, check!); Oasis (trying to see Noel Gallagher's band), New Found Glory (this week!), Blink 182, and of course Bush and I am so happy to say they were awesome live. #GavinsVoice 

There was a moment I may have melted and been a puddle on the floor.  Seriously, the man may be that friggin' dreamy -it's true. I would go see them anytime they ever toured again.  I love a good blast from the past from the past to remind me of how music always made me whole as a teenageer, so I dressed like I would have at 13 years old and sang songs I've always loved.

Bright Days

Waiting for Bright days, & NO MORE SNOW.

Winters always seem so long.  Though I am most definitely over the snow, the winter has actually blown by.  The older and older we all get, time continues to pass faster.  This year in particular has been full of life and new beginnings, and now that the snow is beginning to melt the spring is bringing even more adventure.
So let's hope this is my last post with snow in the background and the beginning of even brighter days. 

BEAUTY | Tired Eyes

Long Days, Long nights
& a little miracle that looks like a full night's rest.

Being a young professional can certainly be tiresome and definitely contributes to stress, both physically and emotionally. Intensive Youth Eye Gel by Radha Beauty is the perfect secret weapon to help combat some of the physical signs of fatigue. 

I used this little guy for a touch over 3 weeks straight and I have seen the biggest change in the appearance of dark circles under my eyes, which is definitely one of my major concerns. The Eye Gel also seeks to soothe puffy eyes, which you can actually feel happening when you apply the gel. 

Seven Years of St. Cassie's Day

Being Born on St. Paddy's Day,
is pretty much the best.

It's like all of America is throwing a huge birthday party everywhere I go.  Though I feel I'm on overload of green, beer and "kiss me" signs -so this year I will not go to any parades, I will not drink giant cups of beer, I will however start my day off with an Irish coffee.

This year there will be no irish car-bombs guzzled, no corn beef and cabbage eaten, and no party beads collected.  There will instead be Manhattan adventures with a few my closet, stay tuned for our adventures.  So here's to another year, being born lucky and to feeling just as young as I did seven years ago (just much wiser).

Winter Blues & Flannel

Winter Blues are coming to an end,
Bring on the Spring Adventure.

Fresh rain, breezy skies, rolling clouds, fresh cut grass, first blooms and Brooklyn.  Blooming into a new life.  I'm a newly engaged woman off to go seize her destiny and sh*t.  I have love and now I need to achieve the career I've been grooming myself for, my whole life.  Chasing the city lights on an adventure to beautify everything I come into contact with.

So much more is happening and changing right now, I'm sitting on the cusp of be exactly where I've waited to be for so long.  Striding towards my career in styling and fashion -this blog will be here to document my journey, my life, the people I encounter, and all the beautiful things that I see.  

 D e a r  S p r i n g  -I hope you are ready for one hell of a time.  Open up Life, we're diving in. 

Tips for a Glowing Complexion

Take care of your face,
its the only one you get. 

My skin has been super temperamental over the last few years and I've been experimenting with my skincare regimen in hopes of 'good skin'.  Skin break-outs after high school are pretty much worse as a grown up. After much and many a different products, I realized that I was using too harsh of products on my skin. Finding my toner and face wash both had salicylic acid which was drying out my skin. I stopped using everything. 

Now, I'm to back using the classic Cetaphil face wash, I exfoliate with a Clarisonic twice a week, and this amazing dead sea mud mask once a week.  The Insta Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask is a mineral infused detoxifier, purifier and it is 100% natural.  A great mask is what was really missing from my routine and this one is perfect. 

I love the Insta Natural products and their ability to refine my complexion.  After using the mask, my pores were smaller and my skin was ultra smooth, and in combination with the retinol moisturizer I've noticed a little more of a glow. Get your best face: here.

Planning with Wedding Paper Divas

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Wedding paper Divas. 
I received a product and a promotional item to thank me for participating. All opinions are my own.
Much Decisions,
So many choices. 

You get engaged, then you are wrapped in a whirlwind of elated excitement. Before you can begin to get used to the word fiancé, you begin to get all the, "Did you set a date?" inquisitions.  With that comes all the planning.

Aaron and I decided to make our own rules and, well - we do what want.  Now we decided  a long time ago that we were in no rush.  So we knew we wanted to have quite the long engagement, which we thought called for a huge engagement soiree, obviously.  We are going to continue to grow our careers and simply enjoy life with one another -relishing in each moment. So, we are holding off on the wedding plans and instead we planned an engagement party. First things first, we picked the venue and then the invites. 

I had quite the difficult time choosing between two venues, but at least Wedding Paper Divas made customizing my invitations simply perfect. WPD is pretty much the best invitation making site I found while scouring through google searches.  They make choosing a theme, color scheme, paper type and font so much simpler when you visualize it first with their Sample Kit on there site: here. Using the 'FREETRY' code you can receive sample invites before you choose.

So check it out it, after all -it's free and efficient. I loved the final results of my invites and I can't wait to share them with all of you. 


Gourmet Pancakes, but with bisquick!
Make Sundays even better.

I don't always love breakfast, but when I do.  It is rich, delicious, and not your traditional style dish. Perhaps it is traditional, but better believe it has a twist. Pancakes have not always been my thing, I used to not even love breakfast foods in general.  Though who could resist the perfect rich and fluffy pancake that is lightly flavored with lemon, no one -because they are pretty much the best.  

Now this recipe would normally be all crazy with baking powder and flour, but I cheated a little and made it with bisquick.  A few summers ago I tried lemon ricotta pancakes at my favorite brunch spot, the Hampton Maid and I was hooked.  I instantly felt compelled to duplicate a similar recipe, I think I managed pretty well with it.

Misfits and Marilyn

Just a little bit of everything.
That Punky, Ninja, Glam style -looks something like this. 

I have been all over the place these last few months, the fire has been lit.  It's that feeling of being in the midst of so much change - a little anxiety mixed with pure excitement to dissipate any bouts of fear and topped with unadulterated passion and drive.  This is the year I am finally going for it, taking the big plunge -if you will, because it is now or never. 

Twenty-Fifteen is the first year I have begun with a fiancé and the sight of a piece of my forever(and that 'fiancé' word still sounds snotty to me), I am also going on a much awaited final route in my schooling adventure, and I am finally moving into the big bad city.  It's a whole new year and all I smell is adventure and I yearn to quench my passions on this journey of definition.  About two months and counting till everything will change.  Stay tuned for my feat of fun and glory up ahead. 

So my style has been all over the board, sort of like my brain theses days. Now it is hard dressing cute, while layering up for the frigid air - though that is just New York in February.  I usually just start pulling items from my closet that I think I can layer -whether the styles go traditionally or not.  I actually prefer the styles to be unconventional yet matching like the muscle tank, button down, moto jacket with sleek black lines I threw together here.  So layer up, have some fun with it and prepare for spring to be melting away new adventures.      

Our Engagement Photos

Capture every moment,
these will last lifetimes.

Valentine's day is tomorrow, to me it is just another day.  Love should be celebrated every day. Though this particular Valentine's Day weekend Aaron and I will be having our engagement party.  I'm so excited to be having such an amazing soiree planned.  I don't need flowers, or chocolates, this year -I got a diamond. ;)

In all seriousness, real love is something that shows some special attention and the occasional thoughtful gift in a moment when it is actually needed -instead of on a designated day when everyone buys a present because they have to,  not because it was thoughtful and significant, just because they are expected to. It is all of the thoughtful everyday moments that equip a relationship to withstand time.

Every single day Aaron reminds of how everyone should be loved.  He's kind and considerate to my needs and often my wants. He always tries to be understanding, if almost always proactive, and unconditionally loves me. Yet, manages to be totally obnoxious, keep me on my toes, and irritate that crap out of me while making me almost pee my pants from laughter.  

I guess it is the balance that makes it work, as I always say: it's the little things.

So, screw Valentine's Day. Love every day.    

See our engagement here and read all about how we met here.

DIY | Baroque Style Trunk Refresh

If it is broke, make it baroque
-you see what I did there.

Refinishing furniture is something I have always wanted to get more into.  Though, I am certainly no pro and I realize I still have much to learn.  I would love to learn to reupholster vintage arm chairs and cool things.  But I figured I'd start easy.  I've done a dressers, a french lingerie dresser,  and now on to this trunk.

This trunk was custom built for me from a friend of my dad's and was left unfinished, but well made, and cedar lined.  Truly a great piece, I just showed poor judgement about 10 years ago and painted the trim pink.  I now know that most pink is awful, particularly on wood furniture.

I decided I needed something timeless with neutral colors to match almost anywhere I decide to move it next. So check out my easy way to update an old trunk or I think it would be really great on the drawer fronts of a dresser.  This is really for any piece of furniture that needs a face-lift.

Mis-Matched Denim Layering

Denim on Denim
for Casual Days

I've been in hibernation mode the last month or so and it has been quite perfect. January and February are meant for vacation, but when you can't afford that a nice bottle of wine and Netflix will have to do. So needless to say, I've been keepin' it low maintenance with my style.

The secret to mixing denim on denim and not have the 'canadian tuxedo' is making sure there is enough contrast in the washes you choose.  When the denims match too closely is when it starts looking cheesy.  I prefer the way a light chambray style wash on the top and a nice rich dark denim on the bottom works best.  

Now, being cooped up I've been focused on blogging, art, and cooking amazing dinners.  I've really been focusing on getting my blogging back in order, getting things in order to move out of my house, plan an engagement party and lastly preparing for what is going to be the biggest year yet.


A Hearty Dish,
One full of Soul and Flavor.

Growing up in an Italian-American household I have always closely associated a good home-cooked meal with part of being home and feeling that ooey-gooey coziness and warmth of family and love. I figured I'd put my own twist on one of my mother's classics. My mother and I haven't always understood each other, but food was always something we could relate on.  If nothing else I definitely learned to eat well and to be intrigued to try new cooking techniques from her. So yes it has pasta, and cheese, and breaded eggplant, more cheese, and there's some spinach in there.  It's good for you, good for your soul.   

I won't sit here and preach that lasagna is healthy, because by mostly all standards it is just full of fat and starchy "bad" carbs - well, full of all that delicious, good for your soul, amazing starchy carbs. Every now and then you gotta feed your soul, make it hearty, rich in flavor, and make sure it has cheese - your soul will be happier; I promise.

Through the Eyes of My Camera

Talk is Cheap.
Look with your eyes.

I would like to periodically post some of my art here on my blog.  Some drawings, paintings, whatever strikes my fancy and some art from the lense of my camera.  So here you have it, some moments that caught my eye and are forever encapsulated. All art will be continued to be posted under 'Lifestyle' tab above within the ' My Art' subcategory.  I hope you guys enjoy! ;)

Smashed Pumpkins

Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave
Without leaving a piece of youth

An epic evening indeed, my childhood want of seeing the Smashing Pumpkins perform live was finally fulfilled! Well, this past December I may have not been able to see all of the Smashing Pumpkins because that will never happen again, but I did get to see Billy Corgan perform.

It was all I imagined it to be and was a great show, despite the venue was ridiculously over capacity, other than that it was a lot of hard core fans, people who were there just there for the music.  I feel like I always talk about the latest show being the best I've been to and it being hard to top, but really! I got to see Tonight, Tonight live and I scored press passes to go to this show -pretty epic night. How do you top seeing the Smashing Pumpkins.  Its not going to happen for a while.  

Here's to being young and to the memories.  It's all about the memories of our youth

Toro Restaurant

Tapas and drinks just like in Spain,
but right here in New York. 

It was one of those, "hey lets grab dinner after, we'll see what's near by" nights.  I was attending an event in Tribeca and found Toro was located a few blocks over.  The menu sounded great with tons of tapas and interesting plates.  I love a place with a ton of small plates, because I can never decide what I want and who doesn't want to try a little bit of everything. 

I highly recommend giving this spot a try! It had so much to offer on the menu, great specials, good wine selection, fantastic service and a chill vibe.

Flannel & a Peplum

Mix the Unconventional,
it may surprise you.

I always enjoy mixing things you never would.  I guess that is sort of how I've always  generally felt as a person, so it sort of transcends into my daily vision.  When I was in my formidable young teen years I got picked on a lot. I got called all kinds of names, one was 'poser'.  I was called this because I liked: punk rock, old school hip hop and 90's pop -and I still love all of these things. I never fit into a specified box. Actually, I still love all the same eclectic movies, music, and hobbies I always have -the only difference is I run a blog now instead of a 'zine. 

So my outfit pairings do not either.  I like to mix styles like girlie and grunge, punk and preppy, chic and funky, vintage and tomboy -it all depends on the mood.

I randomly tried the white peplum with the flannel was a great unconventional pairing with the girlie lumberjack boots, funky beanie, and urban necklace.  

Time to Relax

We all need to take some time to chill,
it makes you prettier.

There are many basic essentials to staying beautiful.  It is beyond the way you cut your hair, the clothing you buy, or the even the way you do your makeup.  It's the ground work you put in before all of this.  These five things are what I consider the most important simple rituals to being more naturally beautiful.


Time to get Curried Away
Making delicious noms without heavy carbs

So I am the biggest fat-ass in a petite person's body and I have the appetite of a child.  I'm hungry every four hours and if I don't get to eat, "God, help you," because I will become super hangry. If this has or will ever happen to you, I apologize now.  Basically, I just love to eat rich and savory dishes -all the time .  

Now, this sort of preference in meals makes it very hard to cut back on 'what is making me start to loose my 20-year old metabolism' and still enjoying my food in all of its glory of being rich and delicious. Nonetheless, I still try to have my cake and eat it too.

That's why I've been trying to create dishes that are still rich and filling, yet don't have processed complex carbs such as traditional sliced bread or pastas.  So I hope you guys enjoy the latest nom diary from my kitchen of throwing stuff together. 

An Intimate Evening with Art Alexakis

We can live beside the ocean,
Leave the fire behind..

There is always something that reminds me of  g r o w i n g  u p  when I listen to Everclear.  The voice of Art Alexakis always rang so full of emotion and I felt like he understood being a kid, growing up and playing out whatever you were dealt

Organic Oils, Serums and Potions.

A Little R&R for your hair, 
during these winter blues.

I know -yes now, 'cue everyone to start complaining about how cold it is'. We get it, December is fun and festive and then January till Spring is just cold.  I personally enjoy parts about all the seasons and for me the cold and gray months are a great time to catch up on movies, books, all of the "one of these days" projects that are accumulating, and then of course all the winter beauty regimens.

Its always a great time to take some special attention to your skin, so why not your hair too.  I don't think it is ever too early to begin taking good care of your face, skin, and hair.  You are going to have this hair and be in this skin for a long time.  

I try to use a good hair mask once a week for that extra hydration.  InstaNatural's Argan Oil mask is perfect.  The product is an intensive blend of organic materials that help deliver moisture, strengthen and protect against heat and the elements. It made my hair dramatically smoother and silky again, despite that I have bleached and heat processes far too frequently. 

*Sponsored to write review, in return I received products.