Our Engagement Photos

Capture every moment,
these will last lifetimes.

Valentine's day is tomorrow, to me it is just another day.  Love should be celebrated every day. Though this particular Valentine's Day weekend Aaron and I will be having our engagement party.  I'm so excited to be having such an amazing soiree planned.  I don't need flowers, or chocolates, this year -I got a diamond. ;)

In all seriousness, real love is something that shows some special attention and the occasional thoughtful gift in a moment when it is actually needed -instead of on a designated day when everyone buys a present because they have to,  not because it was thoughtful and significant, just because they are expected to. It is all of the thoughtful everyday moments that equip a relationship to withstand time.

Every single day Aaron reminds of how everyone should be loved.  He's kind and considerate to my needs and often my wants. He always tries to be understanding, if almost always proactive, and unconditionally loves me. Yet, manages to be totally obnoxious, keep me on my toes, and irritate that crap out of me while making me almost pee my pants from laughter.  

I guess it is the balance that makes it work, as I always say: it's the little things.

So, screw Valentine's Day. Love every day.    

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| what we're wearing:

{ aaron: }

H&M | plaid button down

MOSSIMO | jeans


ALDO | boots

{ cassandra: }

MAVY SAVVY | plaid top

ZARA | cargo skinny jeans

TARGET | pearl necklace

MOSSIMO | wedge hiking boot

TARGET | men's beanie

the romantic vintage inspired picnic

| what we're wearing:

{ aaron: }

H&M | blazer


LEVIS | jeans

H&M | cardigan

ALDO | slide sneakers

{ cassandra: }

FRANCESCAS | chambray top

F21 | lace a-line skirt

STEVE MADDEN | red pumps

TARGET | pearl necklace

C WONDER | studded bracelet

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|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :