Misfits and Marilyn

Just a little bit of everything.
That Punky, Ninja, Glam style -looks something like this. 

I have been all over the place these last few months, the fire has been lit.  It's that feeling of being in the midst of so much change - a little anxiety mixed with pure excitement to dissipate any bouts of fear and topped with unadulterated passion and drive.  This is the year I am finally going for it, taking the big plunge -if you will, because it is now or never. 

Twenty-Fifteen is the first year I have begun with a fiancé and the sight of a piece of my forever(and that 'fiancé' word still sounds snotty to me), I am also going on a much awaited final route in my schooling adventure, and I am finally moving into the big bad city.  It's a whole new year and all I smell is adventure and I yearn to quench my passions on this journey of definition.  About two months and counting till everything will change.  Stay tuned for my feat of fun and glory up ahead. 

So my style has been all over the board, sort of like my brain theses days. Now it is hard dressing cute, while layering up for the frigid air - though that is just New York in February.  I usually just start pulling items from my closet that I think I can layer -whether the styles go traditionally or not.  I actually prefer the styles to be unconventional yet matching like the muscle tank, button down, moto jacket with sleek black lines I threw together here.  So layer up, have some fun with it and prepare for spring to be melting away new adventures.      

| what i'm wearing :

CONVERSE | moto blazer


SANS SOUCI | striped button down

DAILY LOOK | 'helmut lang' inspired draped skirt

 ZAPPOS | cut-out booties

C WONDER | spike and pearl necklace 

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