Mis-Matched Denim Layering

Denim on Denim
for Casual Days

I've been in hibernation mode the last month or so and it has been quite perfect. January and February are meant for vacation, but when you can't afford that a nice bottle of wine and Netflix will have to do. So needless to say, I've been keepin' it low maintenance with my style.

The secret to mixing denim on denim and not have the 'canadian tuxedo' is making sure there is enough contrast in the washes you choose.  When the denims match too closely is when it starts looking cheesy.  I prefer the way a light chambray style wash on the top and a nice rich dark denim on the bottom works best.  

Now, being cooped up I've been focused on blogging, art, and cooking amazing dinners.  I've really been focusing on getting my blogging back in order, getting things in order to move out of my house, plan an engagement party and lastly preparing for what is going to be the biggest year yet.

| what i'm wearing :

FRANCESCA'S | chambray top

EXPRESS | scarf

LEVI'S | dark denim jeans

MOSSIMO | wedge boots

FIRMOO | glasses

THE HUNGER GAMES | mockingjay brooch  

ZARA | coat

TARGET | beanie

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