changing my life and my look

It's been a while guys, so much has changed.  Starting with my hair. In honor of chopping off all my hair and becoming a blonde, I've decided to take you down a stroll through my sometimes questionable hair fashion over the years.

I've always mixed it up a bit, but I've never really done anything too drastic. This was the year I was going for it all, so why not. A new chapter, most certainly calls for new hair. 

From 2002-2015, here's 8 years of my hair. 

2002 | I used to be friends with all the boricua chicks as a teen. 
We wore brown lip liner, peroxide looking front highlights, 
and there was hair scrunching involved. 

2004 | I still felt hood rat, but I tried keeping my hair all natural.

2005 | I moved out on my own,
and decided to try blonde highlights for the first time.

2006 | I then tried to add both red and blonde highlights..

2007 | Then I just died it all blue-black out of a box,
 and when it faded, I tried bangs.

2008 | My first bob was a game changer.  

2009 | I kept going a bit shorter between '08 and '09.

2010 | Then I decided to start growing it out. 

2011 | I tried bangs again and
 got my hair back to virgin status.

2012 | I went back to natural.

2013 | was the year I learned to curl my hair, 
and tried an ombré for the first time.

2014 |  I took the ombre a little more drastic 
and tried out some temporary red in the fall.

Early 2015 | At a crossroads I got the "Lob". 

Summer 2015 |  Then I went off the deep end.  
I chopped it all off, when back to the bob,
 and then began a gradual transition to blonde.

Stay tuned to keep track of 
all the change on the horizon. 

|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :