keep it simple

With just enough flair.

I put my twist on pretty much everything I can, I just like to add my own flair. Though there is a fine line between a little flair and going overboard.  Hats, leopard, gold chains, trenchcoats; a few things that I happen to love, but can be overkill real fast. The key is balance the flashy pop items with more neutral or subdued, chic pieces. 

I know it has been forever, well -two weeks to be exact, since my last post.  So bare with me, but I have so much new stuff to share with you guys!  I can barely contain myself from spitting it all out in this post. Though, I won't.  I'm almost all done moving into my city apartment and my impromptu hiatus should be coming to an end and therefore I will finally have time to blog all my latest adventures.  Life was getting a little too hectic, coming from the girl who always has three jobs and runs a blog. Yahhhhssss, that's me.  ;)      
So, please bare with me.  Fun and Adventures are coming.

| what i'm wearing :

WILSON'S | men's hat

H&M | trench

MOSSIMO | pale blush blouse

LEVI'S | denim

SO GOOD NOLA | necklace

STEVE MADDEN | leopard flats

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